Big door for bullfighter Diego Ventura in Las Ventas

Many fans of bullfighting reject the (mis)named corrida de rejon for a variety of reasons, including the main advantage of fighting on a spirited horse and not on foot, and the legal voting of fighting against a bull with its horns. Is. But the truth is that they have masses and their claims are filled in squares, like Isidril’s in Las Ventas this afternoon.

Rejoño is also known as the art of Marialva, a name derived from the Portuguese nobleman IV Marques de Marialva, a late 18th-century bullfighter and author on horseback, who established the founding rules. It was Logical variations still apply. We go to bullfighting on foot like curio-couchers, all distances avoided. There are many names that have enhanced the history of bullfighting on horseback, including Conchita Cintrón “The Blonde Goddess of Bullfighting”, a woman born in Chile in 1922 and who died eighty-seven years later in Lisbon, whose For the legislation of the time—the Franco dictatorship—prevented his dream of marching in official festivities. The critic Gregorio Corochano wrote about him: “The day this bullfighter gets off the horse, many bullfighters will have to get on the horse.”

18 Big Doors to Ventura in Las Ventas

If in the last three decades Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza has been the undisputed master and master of the ranks of bullfighters, a teacher who has opened new forms in his discipline and with a horse, “cagancho”, which has revolutionized all the rules. Diego Ventura, born in Lisbon and settled in La Puebla del Rio – yes, where Morante is – not only disputes the throne, but according to many, already holds it as a rule of life.

venture in action

venture in action

EFE / Daniel Gonzalez

No less than seventeen large doors in Las Ventas Diego Ventura while doing pasillo. Well, now they are eighteen, a milestone forged with an undeniable teaching, ambition, show spirit and, of course, a stable of horses that renews over the years but always maintains an excellent level. For example, the horse “Fabulous” who lived up to his name in his first bull Teresio de Banderillas, for whom – with the death trap back there – cut off two ears and on which Ventura played authentic pranks, which put square stands

victorious evening

With pole in hand he went to Geola Porta to collect his second batch of bats and with the country’s seal blindfolded them on a stick until they were fixed in the media. with “Nazari”, his veteran star horse, and raised a hue and cry when a woman’s voice burst into the cant from the stands. Then, on other mountains, pirates would come, boasting, riding, bankruptcy, jewels…

“Gallop horse cutralbo” was written by Alberti and sung by Paco Ibáñez and thus features Ventura’s jaco placed three roses that spring with the previous banderillas leaving the bull’s back like a balcony. Effective final blow and another ear to the gate, which Diego followed with the aforementioned “Nazari”, saying goodbye to the arenas and looking forward to a golden retirement.

His teammates, Leonardo Hernandez and the Portuguese Duarte Fernandes, who confirmed the substitutes, displayed good dressage, beautiful horses and had moments of brilliance. And, as is customary in the business, with excessive gestures. The afternoon, like so many others, belonged to Diego Ventura.

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