Bogota through the camera of Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx

This isn’t the first picture of Nikki Sixx in Colombia that has sparked controversy

undoubtedly passed def Leppard And motley crew Skipped several events through Bogotá, from the hospitalization of Joe Elliott In Marley Clinic Even the controversial photos of the bassist nikki sixx In the heart of the Colombian capital.

Nikki Sixx published a photo in the center of Bogota, which apparently remains in the zone of tolerance Santa Fe neighborhood, through your other official account Instagramthe bassist motley crew He shared several pictures, in the first two you see women in skimpy clothes and who – according to many users – would be sex workers in the area.

In the third and fourth picture you can see a cart without wheels and a car mirror which reflects an old building in the sector and in the last one a street dweller is making a version of the famous with his own hands “Maloik “, is a symbol of heavy metal.

next to the carousel PhotoThe American artist left a deep message, highlighting that people who work the streets, like these two women in the snapshot, really just want to survive day to day.

“We travel. We walk. We observe life. We never judge. Our camera is our eyes, but we hope it reaches your heart. We are storytellers. Poets, writers and songwriters.” Not the opposite. We should both raise awareness and maybe help raise eyebrows. I’ve been doing street photography for over a decade. I give back through charity, food and money”, read Nikki Sixx’s message. The first part is

He said: “Sometimes just a genuine conversation is the best gift you can give to people who are suffering. Never look away. My process is simple. Make human contact. Put in the work. When I find myself in situations like this I have your back when I see people who seem dangerous, but I never show fear. People on the street are just trying to survive. Most don’t want to hurt you. I look for the best in people . I would say photography is what drives me as a songwriter. It was just a day on the dirt roads of Bogota Colombia,

Despite how artistic the photos may be to some, other citizens criticized the photos, stating The American artist painted only the “bad” of the Colombian capital.

Photos of Nikki Sixx in Bogota – Instagram via @nikkisixxphotography

On his Instagram account, he published a picture taken by himself, in which a street dweller is seen sitting on the floor, next to which is a piece of paper on fire. Said capture was made in the vicinity of the Bronx of Bogotá.

The image was first uploaded to the @nikkisixxphotography account, which the musician uses to post his freelance work as a photographer, often capturing the dark or twisted sides of places he visits while on tour or by himself Is. Later, the said image was uploaded to his personal account, and it was there that it generated the most circulation and controversy.

On the one hand, there were those who questioned Sixx because with that image, in their opinion, he was perpetuating a negative image of Colombia that had already been disseminated internationally in other ways, also thinking Wasn’t it better to help the underprivileged to capture it in an image. On the other hand, his defenders argued that his work as a photographer is characterized by capturing these moments of vulnerability, in a certain way opposing the optimistic image that usually characterizes social networks.

Additionally, he paid his respects to Sixx, as it is not common for an artist of his profile to venture into one of the most dangerous areas of the nation’s capital. In fact, when he was in the city center, his bandmates Tommy Lee and John 5 liked to walk through Zona T the night before the first performance in their history in Colombia.

Nikki Sixx uploaded a photo of a homeless man in the Bronx of Bogota that sparked controversy on social networks (@nikkisixpixx/Instagram).
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