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This weekend could be the day your life changes forever. Boyaca Lottery Play a new edition of your Raffle this Saturday, February 18 Colombia, If you want to know the results, winners, prizes and more details about the event, don’t miss this note from Depor. Read carefully and share the information with your betting friends. Don’t miss out on all the information we’ve collected for you.

Boyaca Lottery: Results for 2/25

  • Winning Number: 4282
  • Series: 100

Boyaca Lottery on 2/25: Major Prize

The gross value of the Boyaca Lottery Grand Prize is $12,000 million pesos. Remember there are other smaller prizes as well depending on the number of numbers the user hits. Place a bet today, you could be one of the winners.

The Boyaca Lottery is played every Saturday at 10:30 pm (Colombian time). But, if it is a holiday, the company usually postpones it to the next business day. Similarly, the results of the main draws that delivered new winners during the day are known.

This is one of the raffles with best prize plans for bettors. In addition, tickets are bought at a lower price than in other companies. Its popularity has multiplied and today it is one of the most located lotteries in Colombia.

It aims to generate economic resources for the financing of health services and the welfare of customers through transparent and efficient commercialization of departmental income tax monopolies of games of chance with trained manpower and continuous improvement processes. ,

The company is a pioneer in shifting economic resources to the health sector. It has been recognized in the country for its institutional commitment. It stands out in the quality and excellence of its processes for the operation and commercialization of games of chance and fortune. Go ahead and buy your ticket. You can be the next millionaire with this Boyaca Lottery,

Boyaka Lottery: how to collect if I won?

If it’s your lucky day and you’ve won the jackpot, you’ll need to submit a Single Tax Registry (RUT) certificate issued by DIAN and a copy of your citizenship card to request it.

It should be noted that the winner of the lottery will not receive the total amount established, as according to this determination, the National Directorate of Taxes and Customs (DIAN) will deduct part of the amount.

In accordance with the provisions of the Tax Code, the winner must pay a tax for occasional earnings, which is equal to 20% of the value of the prize, plus an exemption from financial tax known as 4 x 1,000 on the gross. value received. Undoubtedly, a significant amount for speculators.

How can I win the Boyaca Lottery?

• For the success of three (3) figures chosen by the player, in their order, four hundred pesos ($400) will be paid for each peso ($1) bet.

• Four thousand five hundred pesos ($4,500) will be paid for each peso ($1) bet for the correctness of the four (4) figures chosen by the player, in their order.

• For a success of four (4) figures chosen by the player, in any order, two hundred and eight pesos ($208) will be paid for each peso ($1) bet.

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