Bruce Willis’ family updates his health status: ‘There are few options’

Last February, the world of Hollywood and all its fans received terrible news: the family of Bruce Willis confirmed that the actor had been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. Since then, there have been a few public appearances by the interpreter, and his fans have spoken about his progress.

To keep her followers informed, the actor’s wife, Emma Hemming The latest update on Willis’ health status was released via Instagram Stories.

bruce willis on the beach

First off, the model thanked the myriad messages of support she’s received from fans, describing them as “lovely and loving.”

In addition, Hemming reveals the complications Willis has been living with, which have made things more difficult in his daily life, especially since there is no treatment or cure for his condition.

For this reason, the actress also told that this disease is increasing day by day, in such a situation, as the months pass, the options become less.

“When you live in the world of dementia, you know your options are slim,” she wrote.

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