Burgos takes to the streets to enjoy White Night 2023

Crowds of people gathered in the center of Burgos this Saturday to enjoy the proposals of the White Night 2023. Museums, street plays, live music and children’s workshops have been the protagonists of the afternoon with children in attendance.

But the night will be full of activities and will bring the expected light show at night. The cultural event, open to all visitors, will run until 3am, offering 146 performances including music, exhibitions, dance, magic, theatre, crafts, comedy, tours, open days, light sets, fairs and markets. You can find the schedule of White Night 2023 in Burgos here.

All kinds of shows will go on until the morning, according to the organization, “to bring the culture even closer to the citizens and to propose an alternative plan for their nights out”. A total of 95 artists, collectives, groups and associations participate in this day dedicated to the dissemination of culture in its most diverse aspects, which is already on a certain trajectory in some European cities such as Brussels, Riga, Paris, Rome or Madrid. enjoys. The name of the ‘White Nights of Europe’.

The White Night of Burgos is a unique night due to the variety of expressions it offers: artists invade the streets and spaces, and institutions that usually have restricted access, open to citizens. The city’s museums and halls keep their doors open until after midnight to show the exhibitions they organize, and concerts of various genres, from folk to jazz, will be held in various city squares.

In this way, the people of Burgos can enjoy 39 musical performances, such as music sessions with brass bands, karaoke, DJs … From the Circulo Foundation they present a traditional concert by the Aventura Musica Folk Traditional group on the steps of Valentín Are. Palencia Street, which reviews the most representative songs of Burgos. In addition, Julio Vaquero’s exhibition ‘Escape from Present Time’ is accompanied by the music of Jug Stone, whose work explores the world of orchestral instruments and adapts them to electronic music.

Citizens can also visit various museums or the city center during this night, including Burgos Military Museum, guided tours of the Captaincy Palace, Casa de los Gigantillos, Palacio de la Isla, the Monastery of the Strikes, or even That is, they can participate. Opening night at the Museum of Burgos.

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Local police and private security will cover the absence of civil defense on White Night.

White Night in Burgos: Gauguin's Tortoise, one of the highlights

The National Research Center on Human Evolution (Cenieh) also joins these open doors, which include guided tours of its five main laboratories: comparative anatomy; Experimental Archaeology; conservation and restoration; geochronology, and microscopy and computed microtomography.

The Museum of Human Evolution (MEH) also joins White Night by opening its temporary exhibitions for free until 10 p.m. (last pass at 9:30 p.m.). Thus, you can see the ‘Death in the Sand’ exhibition. The Gladiators’ Museum of Córdoba is located on the first floor of the ‘Development’. ‘Walking towards the future together’ at the temporary exhibition hall on Floor-1.

about twenty exhibitions

Exhibitions are also the order of the day in the rest of the city, and a total of twenty can be visited, located in the CAB, the Palacio de Capitania, the station, the Casa Cultura de Gammonal, the Teatro Principal or the Arc. Santa Maria’s. Children’s workshops, theater performances, magic and illusion, urban interventions and light shows and video mapping complete the programme.

Among these proposals, stands out ‘La Tortuga de Gauguin’ by Compagnie Luc Amoros (France), a proposal that integrates painting, dance and live music, and which can be seen from 11 pm on Paseo de Atapuerca. Videomapping gains momentum this year with three proposals, one of them on the Santa Maria Bridge, on the façade of the Santa Maria Arch; The second one in Llana de Afuera, behind the cathedral and the third proposal in Plaza Santa María on the cathedral’s facade.

Also in this edition of White Night, residents of Burgos can enjoy the ‘Tribu Spectacular’, a new area of ​​the Tribu Festival, which sets up events based on light and image. They grew up in different parts of the city, both inside and outside. An unprecedented initiative in the city, which aims, on the one hand, to reinforce the programming of White Night and, on the other hand, to intervene in different places in the city by means of light in a broad sense. in places of use.

White Night is organized by the Burgos Municipal Culture and Tourism Management and has the support of all the city’s institutions, cultural associations and companies. Its budget is 216,000 Euros.

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