Cali’s famous influencer “El Mincho” passed away, what was the reason?

06:31 PM

Known as the effector of Cali “El Mincho” passed away on Friday afternoon due to cardiorespiratory arrest at a clinic in Kaka’s Valley

The young man, who creates humorous content on his Facebook account, has more than 265,000 followers and his videos have been viewed more than 50,000 times.

jenner quinoneAs his real name was, an African man, with a thin body and used to make fun of his physical appearance in videos uploaded to his social networks.

The last clip he posted on his Facebook account was uploaded on February 27 under the caption Diomedes Diaz gets angry, more than video has 11,000 “likes” and 466 commentsIn which people thanked him for the laughter his jokes generated.

,Mincho, thanks for the max and your video what a laughWell done, God bless you Pa”, he wrote John Edgar Pena Hidalgo two days ago. Regarding that comment, other followers reported the death of the content creator.

“She died” wrote one, “what happened to her? I never found out,” said another. “He had a heart attack,” concluded another follower. As of now, it is unknown where and when the funeral services for the celebrated content creator will take place.

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