Camilla Parker chose Lady Diana’s favorite designer to make her coronation dress

Camilla Parker chose Princess Diana’s favorite fashion designer to create her coronation gown. Bruce Oldfield has been secretly working for Carlos’ wife ever since they became fast friends.

Camilla Parker to wear Lady Diana’s favorite designer

According to a royal source, the wife of King Carlos III asked Lady Diana’s head designer to make her coronation dress. But it won’t be the first time Bruce dresses Camilla, as he’s already made other clothes for her and they’re great friends.

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Camilla Parker and King Carlos III. Photo: File

Camilla and Lady Di’s designer are best friends

“Camilla has a very close friendship with Bruce that spans many years, so in many ways she is a natural and obvious choice. Camilla trusts Bruce as he has completed dresses for her for several important occasions recently are,” said a source close to the royal family.

Bruce also designed some of the most iconic dresses worn by Princess Diana in the 1980s, when the designer and Lady Diana became close friends.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana. Photo: File

Other celebrities have also worn his designs

Since then, the famed designer has become a favorite of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Taylor Swift, as well as helping to redesign McDonald’s uniforms.

That’s why even Camilla fell for English dressmaker Bruce Oldfield’s stylish designs for her coronation on May 6, and they certainly surprised us with their beauty and simplicity.

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