Cansu Dere, the symbol of Turkish novels, may be alive: this is the clue that will confirm that she survived the earthquake

In early February this year a Powerful earthquake shakes Turkey and SyriaThousands of people were killed and injured, including families, couples, children and the elderly, who could not be pulled alive from the rubble despite rescue teams’ efforts.

And although some famous deaths have also been reported in Turkey, such as amel etisilwho, like his daughter, was found dead, it is still unknown what happened to the other personalities who are still missing, as kansu tentwho have long been presumed dead after natural disasters.

Cansu Dere is a famous Turkish actress. IG: @cansudere

However, various rumors on social networks have suggested that turkish actress be safe and sound after turkey earthquake, One of the most viral was the one that was organized by one of Turkey’s most famous journalists, Birsen Altuntas, who had previously confirmed kansu camp will participate in a Disney+ charity event with turkey,

At the end, Hero of the soap opera “Infil” never surfaced and the journalist was fired for these statements, which did not discourage fans kansu campWho recently saw the publication of a netizen as a last hope turkish actress stay alive

Cansu Dere has not yet given official signs of life. IG: @cansudere

Well it turns out though kansu camp Has not ruled over the difficult situation facing her country and has not published on her social networks since January 5, confirmed by one of her followers that the famous woman has shown signs of life on her official Instagram account, While he reportedly unfollowed one of them, he followed 246 people.

Last February 22 the user identified on Twitter as @eternal5671 revived hope that Kansu Dere would survive Highlighting: “Good morning, kansu tent He’s officially alive. As can be seen in this photo he now follows 246 people, something like yesterday he only followed 245, so he had to connect today no matter what.

However, no medium has been able to confirm that it was turkish actress who made this movement on his official account or if it was an action carried out by someone who had access to his network, a situation that has not encouraged many of his fans, who consider it very strange that neither he nor Nor did anyone around him immediately confirm that he was safe and sound.

This Is Proof That Cansu Dere May Still Be Alive

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