Carlos Lettre: their two years apart, psychological help and investment in their series

carlos lettre I am the guest of this Tuesday night ‘Journey with Chester’Where he talks with Risto Mejide about his professional life, with an extensive career in the world of theater and on television, where he shot to fame with ‘Chronicus Marcianas’.

He has also spoken openly about his personal life, about his relationship with his now wife, yolanda marcos: “It was fantastic because I started with it when I was 20, before TV. She was older than me, the news head of Radio España, she was in a relationship, she was about to get married… and suddenly The little boy has come”, she began to point laughing.

A tone that later changed to talk about marital woes: “Every seven years, life makes you a wheel and you see who’s there and who’s not,” he explained, later admitting that they parted: “We’ve been together for twenty years, but we were apart for two years and then we got back together, A statement that greatly surprised Risto: “I think this is the first time I’ve heard anything like that.”

At the time, Latrey realized he didn’t know who he really was: “I needed to wake up one morning and decide what I was doing. It wasn’t his thing, it was mine. i needed to know who carlos was, I figured it out and when we came back it was ‘reset’, We put on the table what we didn’t like about each other; Even if it is the least. Crap after crap makes a backpack that unmanageable.

He has also talked about how he is himself on a personal level: “i need a lot of psychological help i say it openly and i like it, I am constantly learning, constantly fighting with myself. Along with giving the best version of yourself. My biggest enemy is myself. It’s torture at times.”

your investment in your own chain

Regarding the professional, Lattre spoke with Risto about ‘El Mundo de Chema’, his own series, where he played up to 50 characters, and in which he “melted savings”. A plot, however, did not succeed: “Only from the mud, from the depths of loneliness, do you find out who you are, who surrounds you and what is the starting point. You have to jump into the void no matter what, and I’ll always be throwing myself.

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