Carlota Corredera reveals the important role she played in the marriage of Raul Prieto and Joaquín Torres

Carlota Corredera, during the wedding of Raul Prieto

one of Raul Prieto and Joaquin Torres promised to be one of the weddings of the year, And the result has exceeded our expectations. This weekend Seville welcomes a large group of telecinqueros who didn’t want to miss the highly anticipated Add among which was director of save me and familiar architect, from them, Charlotte Slidingwho made her Instagram feed an intimate photo album of the best moments of this bond between your two best friends.

Her relationship with boyfriend was something like thisAs he himself told in his network, both of them decided that play an important role during the ceremony, and that, like david valdeparasCorredera, who, together with Carlota and Raúl, made up the trio of directors with whom ‘Salvame’ debuted, has acted as a witness.

Carlota and Valdeparas witness the wedding of Raúl PrietoInstagram

Very proud of both she and David, who is her partner, they let their followers know through this selfie that they have been waiting for the long-awaited moment of ‘yes, I do’. “Wedding Witnesses”, read the story. A breathtaking photo in which part of the facade of the historic Casa de Pilatos, which hosted the wedding, can be seen in the background.

For such a special day, Koredera chose a fuchsia “dream dress” with an elegant cape that he commissioned from his colleague Marina Rinaldi on his “most special occasions”. Jewels matching the plunging neckline, as did the sandals, which she confessed in the post were “the most famous” at the wedding. In addition to showing off her looks, Carlota has also made room on her board for her “beloved” Raoul, who we see enjoying himself with Belén Esteban, one of the great heroes of Link.

The long-awaited wedding of Raúl Prieto and Joaquín Torres was covered by Telesinqueros like this

It is enough to review the Instagram profiles of both the couple and Carlota or Belén to verify the “borborio” experienced this Friday in Seville. A link that Mediaset Spain’s other popular faces didn’t want to miss, such as Azúcar Moreno, who performed at the pre-wedding, Emma Garcia, Terelu Campos, Alejandra Rubio, Kiko Matamoros, Marta López Alamo or Pilar Vidal,

Raul Prieto and Joaquin Torres wedding look

The Socialite compiled every look of the guests at yesterday’s wedding. Some of them are commented on more than others. Or rather criticized, like the ‘people’s princess’, who in the comments of her previous post had to read more than one negative reaction to her choice of stylist, which many people seemed like a “disguise”. However, he has claimed he felt “beautiful” on his best man’s big day when he married

The spirit of Belen Esteban at the wedding of his great friend

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