Carmella Merchante, on ‘Salvame’ cancellation: “Let them be screwed!”

The unexpected decision of Mediaset España ‘Save Me’ ends on June 23 after fourteen years of success On the air he keeps on giving a lot to talk about. Little by little, the most popular faces of space are voicing their opinion on the matter, hosted by Jorge Javier Vazquez on Telecinco. Even some of the collaborators are best remembered by the viewers and who are no longer a part of the said show, as is the case with Karmalee Merchante. The journalist had left the format a few years earlier and was on very bad terms with La Fábrica de la Télé.

For this reason, Carmele Marchante bids farewell to ‘Salvame’ with particular enthusiasm. The legendary journalist speaks loud and clear about Mediaset’s blatant decision in an interview for ‘LOC’. “I have relationships with people in the newsroom and jobs that matter to me because I know what it is. But for the directors, sets and set heads, I am happy. Let them be angry!”, he begins by saying.

Far from stopping there, Carmele Marchante also wanted to talk about the upper echelons that manage ‘Salvame’ and the “special feminism that they carry as their banner”. “living room feminism. From which you learn in five minutes because he lives Cold To say this The malpractice they have is incurable. They are destructive, deadly and uneducated people who only know how to fight, insult, shout…”, he continued to express. “A pink mafia that buys and abuses children,” he adds mercilessly.

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Carmella Merchante was one of the most recognized reporters in the tabloids during the nineties and a good part of two thousand. However, the television station admits it is no longer comfortable reporting on the world of the heart. It is to be recalled that she was one of the most attractive collaborators in places like ‘Tombola’, ‘Diya A Diya’, ‘A Tu Lado’ and ‘Salvame’ where she stayed for eight years. “I didn’t like living there. I did it for the money, I’m not ashamed”, he assured in statements to ‘LoC’.

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