Carmen Lomana reveals the compliment that Queen Letizia told her

Carmen Lomana talks about Queen Letizia

carmen lomana She has sometimes been critical of Queen Letizia, but her opinion of the monarch has taken a 180-degree turn after meeting her. in ARCContemporary Art Fair in Madrid.

‘Fiesta’ has been able to find out in particular what Lomana and Doña Letizia talked about during their meeting and the truth is that it has not left anyone indifferent:

“He came to me and he told me i’m prettyI told her she was beautiful, and she replied that I was more”.

With this naturalness, Carmen Lomana and Queen Letizia behaved like lifelong friends And they even went so far as to kiss each other wholeheartedly:

“When she and King Felipe were saying goodbye, Dona Letizia looked at me again and with a very complex smile she gave me a kiss, i kissed her back,

From this meeting Carmen Lomana declared herself completely and completely. fans of our queen: “I think she is an extraordinary woman, beautiful and attractivei have reached feel a little bad for criticizing him,

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