Catherine Zeta-Jones Reveals How Jenna Ortega’s Real Deal With Tim Burton Is in ‘Merlina’

Jenna Ortega is one of the actresses of the moment, considering that thanks to her role in ‘Merlina’, the record-breaking series on Netflix, she has gained huge recognition in the industry. In return, the young American is going through her finest hour and has been roped in for another horror film that will be releasing soon. who talked about it Catherine Zeta,Joneswho was a part of the series and spoke about what the relationship was like with Tim Burton.

The young American actress is at the peak of her career as apart from playing the role of ‘Merlina’ in the series of the same name on Netflix, she has been a part of several horror projects such as ‘The Night of the Demon 2’, ‘Studio 2′ and more. 666’ and now she is one of the main heroines of ‘Scream 6’. even, Jenna Ortega Jamie Lee is touted as Curtis’ new successor. The new installment of ‘Scream’ will release in all theaters on March 9.

Jenna Ortega is a leading actress. SOURCE Instagram @jennaortega

you probably don’t know but Jenna ortega She is of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent and has refused to play stereotypical roles on more than one occasion. The young actress said in an interview: “I represent Latina women. There weren’t many roles for me as Latina, and it was difficult when I started acting because I didn’t have the look they were looking for.” were staying.” He said that the Latino community is not represented in a great way.

This is what Catherine Zeta-Jones said about Jenna Ortega and Tim Burton

Merlina premiered in September of last year with the participation of and Jenna Ortega, featured the performance of Catherine Zeta-Jones, one of the most important and beautiful actresses in Hollywood. The wife of Michael Douglas, who played Morticia, revealed a relationship between the young woman and director Tim Burton.

They both had a very good relationship. SOURCE Instagram @jennaortega

in an interview, Zeta,Jones He assured that Jenna Ortega was never silent in the face of Tim Burton’s orders and that he argued with her all the time. The 53-year-old actress added: “She wasn’t intimidated by Tim. He’s a great director, but he questioned her and offered other options.” The second season has already been confirmed and these actresses will be present.

Cast of Marilyn. SOURCE Instagram @jennaortega

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