Celebrity Night: Aamir, Salman, and Shah Rukh Unite for Spectacular Galaxy Bash

Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan arrived at the location first, while Aamir Khan arrived first from Tiger 3’s shoot. Read more about the topics that the three discussed!

Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, and Shah Rukh Khan (Names Listed Alphabetically) have become the biggest draw in Indian cinema throughout the years. The three is still going strong today despite having credits on some of the biggest films of the past 30 years because just their names are enough to draw in an audience. While business is now slow in the industry, Pinkvilla has exclusively heard that the three powerful Khans got together around May 16 at Salman’s home, Galaxy Apartment, and partied there till 4 in the morning.

Aamir, Salman, and SRK talked about their individual professions

“Aamir, being the perfectionist that he is, arrived at Salman’s house first, since the other two were a little behind time owing to Tiger 3’s continuous schedule. Once the three of them were together, it was a carnival. They talked mostly about their own careers, blunders, failures, successes, and nostalgia with all the humorous tales, according to a source familiar with the situation.

The insider continued by saying that it was great joy for the three of them to finally catch up. Aamir was encouraged by Salman and SRK to cut back on his leave and return to the movie shoot as soon as possible. With repeated tongue-in-cheek remarks about Aamir’s hiatus from acting, they also laughed a lot and cracked jokes, and the perfectionist admitted as much by admitting, “I am reading a lot of scripts.” The source continued, “The three also discussed how it’s important to take on the challenge of signing on for the right subjects in today’s time and age as the audience expectations for their projects will always be sky high. Aamir, on the other hand, advised his two friends to accompany him on a holiday to Europe or the US as he feels it’s time for them to let things easy rather than overburdening themselves with work.

Aamir addressed Champions, and SRK talked about Dunki

Our informant claims that the three were really at ease the whole night and partied till four in the morning. The two other party animals at his side made him forget how quickly the time flew; Aamir generally likes to go to bed early. Aamir also discussed Champions with Salman, expressing his desire to work on the movie with Salman as soon as possible. SRK was also thrilled to hear that SK had agreed to join the sports drama, which occupies a little different market than more traditional ventures. Aamir and SRK also talked about Dunki. Hirani is a pleasure to work with, and SRK mentioned that being on a set as expertly managed as Dunki was the finest experience of his career, the insider said.

We’re sure that must have been a night to remember since three of the universe’s brightest stars congregated in the Galaxy for a spectacular event!

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