Chainsaw Man fans’ choice for the best character is Kobeni

Chainsaw Man fans' choice for the best character is Kobeni.
Chainsaw Man fans’ choice for the best character is Kobeni (Image Credit: MAPPA Studios)

Fans organized a Chainsaw Man best character vote, and the results are somewhat surprising. In this survey conducted by Twitter user @jacixn, Kobeni Higashiyama emerged as the fan-favorite by a wide margin (Jessie).

Although the poll is unofficial because it was created by fans, about one million votes were cast overall. Kobeni came in first position with 206,314 votes, garnering a victory with more than 20% of the total votes. Denji, the lead character in Chainsaw Man, came in fifth, followed by Makima and Reze in second and third, respectively.

The poll listed above was conducted by Twitter user @jacixn (Jessie), who received a total of 934,782 votes from other Twitter users. The vote excluded any manga characters who did not appear in those 12 episodes of the anime series, focusing solely on characters from the just ended first season.

Reze enters illegally because he was technically visible in the final seconds of the finale episode.

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