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the event took place today chainsaw man festival which, as the name indicates, was a festival dedicated to the suffrage of chainsaw manwhich included the voice cast and appearances of many of the music artists participating in the anime adaptation. except for the fact that the venue was not full (something that was confirmed in various photos), What caught attention was the fact that there was no announcement regarding a second season of the adaptation.

to some it is obvious The last chance to announce a sequel will be at the MAPPA stage 2023., which will take place in Japan this Sunday. However, it seems that not everyone is happy even when the sequel was announced. Why did you decide to do it at a free event instead of an event that was supposed to be paid for?

But of course you are here to check whether it was true that”The Chainsaw Man couldn’t fill the venue where he held his event“. While many people believed that tickets sold out simply because the system did not give them access to the purchase page, but A variety of photos were shared on comment boards in Japan, showing that the space was not full.

Of course, one could start by saying “the event hadn’t started yet” or “the people were just arriving”. However, he also uploaded some photos to reply to those people. It turns out that a giant boterga of Pochita was walking around when the event had already started, and photos that show her already on stage still show many empty seats.

Even the production realized this and changed the angle of their pictures. When the afternoon session ended, he uploaded this picture showing the “apparently full venue”.,

But when the morning show ended, we can see that in the first picture they left all the upper stands completely empty.,

Anyway, these were the photos that were shared on the comment forums in Japan, and there was certainly no shortage of opinions:

  • ,Well, the Chainsaw Man lost again. When do denialist fundamentalists leave?,
  • ,Well, it is now clear that the space was not full. Will pictures be proof enough? Or will they continue to deny reality?,
  • ,I was there, in the end they only moved us to the seats in the center field, leaving the upper stand empty,
  • ,I am amazed by the fact that even though it is a Chainsaw Man show, director Ryu Nakayama didn’t even come here.,
  • ,well of course there are over 1,000 people it doesn’t seem so bad to me,
  • ,Did you see how they blur the spectators into the stands so you can’t see the empty seats?,
  • ,I don’t understand, how come director Nakayama wasn’t invited?,
  • ,On twitter they said the place was full, but looking at the pictures, and even the picture uploaded by the production, I can see that is not true,
  • ,Well, Chainsaw Man’s infamy will come to an end when a second season is announced. Will it be on the MAPPA stage? I’ll be waiting,

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