Chapter 176 Of The Mathematician Francisco February 26th, 2023

Eugenia finds Byron who gives her a job that she apparently didn’t do. In the battalion, the soldiers receive first aid classes before missions, but the horse ignores because he is thinking of how to get revenge on the cat.

At the university, Professor David tells Francisco that Gabriela has been a big disappointment, meanwhile the teacher calls Mariela to introduce her to work with Gabriela, but of course the young woman doesn’t come and she finds out. that he has failed him one more time.

At the same time, Gabi returns home with Juana and although her mother has invited her to have something to eat, she prefers to leave quickly, without imagining that the girl confesses to her grandmother that she is in the garden. didn’t go

Displaced children begin sneaking into classrooms and although they have the sympathy of students and teachers, the problem quickly escalates. In the woods, soldiers are ambushed and Gato and Carlos are in danger and although they try to help each other, they end up fighting the same way.

Eugenia asks Francisco to trust her and not treat her like a stranger, but the teacher is still in a bad mood due to his prior actions. Daisy, on her part, tries to explain to Luna why she ended up with Alex, while the young man investigates the reasons that led his beloved to such an end.

In the end, Ezequiel learns about the displaced in the school and shouts to heaven.

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