Chapter 20 of Marimar the 3rd of March

Sergio is suspicious of the version Angelica gave him about Marimar’s disappearance. The young man is almost sure that Bella is the same girl he fell in love with.

Bernardo argues heavily with Bella; There, Sergio intervenes so that the man doesn’t hurt the woman, but reacts harshly when she learns that her ex-husband tried to defend her.

Father Porres visits the Aldama house because he senses that something bad is happening to Marimar, in particular, he finds it strange that Gustavo is so kind to the young woman.

Bernardo wants to kick Bella out of his club, but in the end, he lets her go on Esteban’s orders.

Bela has a serious talk with Sergio about the love that has been troubling her lately. Without a doubt, Marimar’s foresight captivated the young man.

Marimar meets with Father Porres, where he asks her to bring him to Corazon, and thus, work with him in Valle Encantado.

Gustavo is excited by the news that Bella will be coming to his home in Mexico City, as she is about to give birth, but he does not know how to tell her the truth about her parentage.

Angelica confesses to Renato that she invented everything to get Marimar out of their lives. The man was not happy with what his wife told him.

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