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“The Last of Us” nearing the end of its first season on the platform hbo max, Reviews have been very positive and are expected to continue with public acceptance. Chapter 7 premieres this Sunday, February 26,

“The Left Behind” (“Atras, a la Izquierda” or “La Left Behind” in Spanish) is the name that bears the title of the seventh episode of “The Last of Us” whose address is Lisa Johnson under the script of Craig Mazin, Duration time will be 50 minutes and we will have main characters Joel (Pedro Pascal) And Ellie (Bella Ramsey),

will be the first chapter of “The Last of Us” It will not follow the story of the PlayStation video game. The IMDb synopsis reads, “Ellie, now trapped on her own and now forced to care for someone she loves deeply, reflects on past events in her life.”

official premiere in America Will be from 8:00 p.m. ET/5:00 p.m.

In Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvadorepisode 7 “The Last of Us” starts at 7:00 pm., On the other hand, in the countries of Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Panama will be given from 20:00,

Meanwhile, the countries of Canada, Venezuela, Bolivia, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic will be broadcast on 21:00meanwhile Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay start at 22:00,

In spainChapter 7 “The Last of Us” will be on Monday, February 27 from 02:00,

Date, Time, and How to Watch “The Last of Us” Premiere (1×07)

Review details on the premiere of the new chapter of “The Last of Us”,

The Last of Us 1×07statistics
chapter name“left behind”
AddressLisa Johnson
scriptNeil Druckmann
release dateSunday 26 February 2023
Duration50 minutes
SchedulePer, Col, 20:00 from MEX and USA; 22:00 from ARG, CHI and URU; 03:00 esp (03/27)
Where to watch it streamingHBO and HBO Max

“The Lass Of Us” Trailer 1×07

in its trailerThe Last of Us” 1×07, Joel and Ellie they head off to wyoming to find the hideout petty soldier, who can help them find the fireflies. The path will not be easy at all as there will be many dangers and new enemies to meet.

How to watch “The Last of Us” 1×07 via HBO Max Streaming?

you need to download the app HBO Max in Latin AmericaUnited States and Spain To See Chapter 7 of “The Last of Us”, There are two types of plans: Standard and Mobile as subscription options.

What time does “The Last of Us” 1×07 start in your country?

Check the schedule of different countries for Watch Episode 7 of “The Last of Us”,

  • 17:00 hours United States PT
  • 7:00 pm. Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras
  • 8:00 pm. United States ET, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Panama
  • 9:00 pm. Venezuela, Bolivia, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic
  • 10:00 PM. Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil
  • at 02:00 Spain, Germany, France and Italy

Who Are The Actors Of “The Last Of Us”?

actors who have appeared in episodes of “The Last of Us”,

  • pedro pascal-joel
  • Bella Ramsey-Ellie
  • Gabriel Luna – Tommy
  • merle dandridge-marlene
  • Jeffrey Pierce-Pierce
  • Anna Torv-Tess

More information about the series follow in Play,

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