Chase player’s sudden reply leaves Bradley Walsh in shock

A player on The Chase left host Bradley Walsh in shock on Friday with her impromptu answer.

Contestant Finton, who joined the 62-year-old presenter in studio, battled it out against Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett to take home the cash prize.

But in a first for the show, Bradley is in for a surprise when ‘Jamie’ Finton accidentally manages to answer a question correctly.

Taking to the podium, the player had hoped to win a grand prize of £50,000 and a place in the final, but was forced to pass when he did not know the answer.

Bradley had asked: ‘In computer security which word would go before code, phrase and word?’

No way! A player on The Chase left host Bradley Walsh, 62, in shock with her impromptu answer on Friday

Lucky: In a first for the show, Bradley is shocked when ‘Jamie’ Finton accidentally gets a question right

Unable to answer, Fintan replied: ‘Pass.’

‘Correct! It’s happened, it’s really happened’ Bradley announced in shock.

‘It has happened. Pass word is an answer. you so jammy!

Unfortunately, his luck ends there as Fintan is finally sent packing after being captured by The Beast.

The Chase viewers went wild for the show’s ‘best looking contestant’ after an episode aired last month.

Fans of the ITV game show dubbed Natasha a ‘stunner’ and praised her look on Twitter.

Before going face-to-face against Shawn Wallace aka The Dark Destroyer, Natasha joins a group of hopefuls facing the Chasers.

The contestant proved she was more than just a pretty face, as she took £5,000 back on the table after her one-on-one round and even called out host Bradley Walsh.

Fan Favourite: This comes after viewers of The Chase went berserk for the show’s ‘best looking contestant’ following an episode that aired last month.

The 23-year-old bachelorette was complemented by viewers at home for her good looks, even claiming she was the ‘sexiest contestant ever’.

Viewers praised Bradley’s ‘dad joke’ even after Natasha’s savage dig at him, which she described as ‘tough’ to him.

One person said: ‘Even Natasha thinks Brad is unfunny!’

Natasha and her teammates received £5,000 during the cash builder, taking the total to £20,000 leading up to the final chase. However, the team missed out on the win by answering only 12 questions correctly.

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