Chat GPT impersonates a lawyer – man gets Rs 90 lakh with the help of Chat GPT

You might have heard about a chatbot that has passed the big test and is helping people with their work. Today we will tell you something about Chat GPT that will surprise you.

In fact, posing as a lawyer for a design firm, this chatbot has recovered over $100,000 in stuck money.

On Twitter, a man named Greg Isenberg detailed how he recovered $1,09,500 owed by the firm through Chat GPT. Isenberg explained that most people seek the help of a lawyer when their money gets stuck, but they enlisted the help of Chat GPT and got the job done.

Greg Isenberg said that in the year 2022, his group provided some designs to a well-known brand. Brand liked the design and requested a new one. The brand had promised to donate the money, but it did not happen.

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Greg Isenberg said on Twitter that his design firm has worked on more than 100 projects and earned several crores of rupees, but he has never seen a client who cheated the company out of money. Due to non-payment by the client for a long time, the employees of the company were not able to work diligently and all advised that legal action should be taken against the client.

Instead of hiring an attorney, Greg Isenberg enlisted the assistance of Chat GPT, who wrote an email to the customer requesting that the money be returned on time. Isenberg said that hiring a lawyer would cost them $1,000, while Chat GPT did the work for free.

According to Greg Isenberg’s LinkedIn profile, he is the CEO of Late Checkout, a design agency. He previously served as an advisor to Reddit Inc. and Tik Tok.

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