Chick Big Brother | From earning thousands of euros on Big Brother and telecinco shows to working in laundries and selling “sex toys”

From earning thousands of euros on Big Brother and telecinco shows to working in laundries and selling “sex toys”

It looks like Telecinco is preparing for the return of Big Brother for the next season. A reality show that in its latest editions was presented by Jorge Javier Vazquez, also hosted by Salvame, The show which has been canceled will say goodbye to the viewers on 23rd June.

There are many contestants who have come out of reality, but only a few have been successful on television. Others had moments of glory but eventually had to return to life away from the small screen. The matter is of Chikki. The former ‘Big Brother’ contestant has just completed a course of study that has prepared her for her new working future. Chick has learned a lot during the four months that she has been studying and she comes to ‘Deluxe’ to show that she has become an expert in her field.

Chick surprises everyone by saying that the course she took is to work in an industrial laundry, for which you have to be very well prepared: “It sounds silly but no, you have to be very well prepared, To all the allies I am they men”. Of course, Chick doesn’t just work as a laundress … The former big sister tells the ‘deluxe’ colleagues that her boss, in addition to an industrial laundry, is a sex toy company and that’s where she makes her first move : “He is so happy with me as a worker that he also wants me in another company in Valencia, where what I do is teach sex toys and I love it.”

Big Brother Spain has evolved over the years with new editions and format changes. However, its essence remains the same: a group of people living together under the scrutiny of the public. Although the program While criticized by some, its influence on popular culture and Spanish television is undeniable.


And after putting the reality show out of whack, it looks like Telecinco is finally going to recover it, yes, with its own version of celebrities. As stated in “Algo Dice TV”, the production company will begin pre-production of the new version in June with the intention of beginning the new season. Plus, as he points out, the reality show will feature the latest technology in this type of format. He has not said who will be the presenter of the draft. Logic would say it would once again be Jorge Javier Vazquez, who has a contract with the series until 2025. However, after the cancellation of Salvam, the series may opt for other names.

And it is that Jorge Javier Vazquez is not the only presenter of the program that began in Spain at the hands of Mercedes Mila, who is still professionally active. Big Brother also had another presenter, with a unique and somewhat controversial experience, that was Pepe Navarro. The series may also select other star presenters such as Jesús Vazquez, Santi Acosta or Sandra Barneda, to give a few examples.

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