Chika Anzai, Takuya Eguchi, Atsumi Tanezaki Win 17th Annual Seiyu Awards

Organizers of the 17th Anniversary Seiya The award winners were announced on Saturday. Winners include:

Best Lead Actor Award

Award for Best Leading Performance by an Actor during the year



Takuya Eguchi


atsumi tanezaki

Best Supporting Actor Award

Award for Best Supporting Performance by an Actor during the year


Shuichi Ikeda


Ryotaro Okiyu


atsumi tanezaki

Best New Actor Award

Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actor Debut within the last five years


Shuichiro Umeda


hina suguta


Anna Nagse


minami hinata


shion wakayama

singing award

Awards by voice actors for singing under their own name or in a role


Nijigasaki High School Idol Club

personality award

award for a voice actor Who has done notable work in radio, web radio, or television as a personality, whether by name or as a character.

no winner

Foreign Film/Live-Action Show Awards


Shihori Kanjiya


Toshiyuki Morikawa

sports award

no winner

Synergy Rewards

Award for Best Showcasing of the Talents of Voice Actors


jujutsu casen

kei tomiyama Prize

award for voice actor who have been active in every field including acting

Junichi Suwabe
agency: haikyo
Roles: prince of tennis (Keigo Atob), Kuroko’s basketball (Dacky Aomine), Yuri!!! on ice (Victor Nikiforov)

kazue takahashi Prize

Award for Outstanding Voice Actress in a Field, Including Acting

Maria Kawamura
Agency: Freelance
Roles: heavy metal l-gam (Gau Ha Lecy; Lilis Pho), Slayers – The Motion Picture (Naga the Serpent), Hana no Exquisite GothicMade (berin)

Kids / Family Rewards

Children’s Choice Awards

Iku Ōtani (left in post above)
agency: season promotion
Roles: pokemon chain (pikachu)

Rika Matsumoto (right above the post)
Agency: Matsurika
Roles: pokemon Chain (Satoshi / Ash)

Influencer Award


Natsuki Hane

MVS (Most Valuable Seiya) Prize


Takuya Eguchi

merit Award

Award for voice actors who have contributed to multiple genres including foreign works over the years

Chikako Akimoto (left in post above)
Agency: Retrovo
Roles: Ippatsu Kanta-kun (ichiro)

Yusaku Yara (right above the post)
agency: Aoni Production
Roles: chibi maruko-chan (Hiroshi Sakura), dr recession (Senbei Norimaki)

special award


let’s make a mug too

The award ceremony, which revealed the complete list of award winners, was held on 11 March. This year’s ceremony is the first in-person ceremony in three years. In addition, categories of “Best Leads” voice actor,” “best assistant voice actor,” and new voice actorwill no longer differ by gender this year. The awards committee said of the change, “Voice acting is a work that transcends gender, as female voice actors sometimes voice male characters and vice versa. The committee said it decided to make the three awards gender-free out of respect for the subject matter and diversity of the discussion for a few years.

Starting in 2017, the Special Merit Award, which honors deceased voice actors and actresses who have made contributions across multiple genres, was replaced with an honor for all voice actors and actresses who had passed away in the previous year.

In early 2019, the awards introduced four new categories, including “Foreign Movie/Series Award,” “Game Award,” “Influencer Award,” and “MVS (Most Valuable Award)”. Seiya,

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