Christina showed her power on stage by singing ‘Hurt’

Rosario and PaulaOne of our newest talents, has featured in a very emotional moment on the stage of ‘La Voz Kids’. the little girl asked the artist to singhow beautiful‘, one of his most special songs.

Christina Cebrian Our next talent is named. This fourteen year old girl has performed on one of the songs on stage Christina Aguilera With which he has won three out of four coaches.

Pratibha has shown strength and flair with her voice and all the coaches agree that her voice is impressive. Bisbal He was the first to turn around, then he left Rosary beads and at the last second you pressed sebastian travel,

The trio try their best to persuade Kristina, though she admits that she wanted to go along to giveThe only one which is not rotated.

Nevertheless, Pratibha is happy to be on ‘La Voz Kids’ and Chose to go with David Bisbal. Welcome to The Voice Kids!

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