Clara Chia Marti has a loud fight with Gerard Piqué’s mother after a video where she appears drunk in public

Whereas Gerard Piqué Was going to Miami to spend a week with my kids, Clara Chia Marti She was enjoying a few days in Barcelona as a single woman. Apparently the young Catalan had a great time, because a Video in which it appears drunk In publicThis image was not viewed well Mother Because it is said that Clara had a former football player strong fight Montserrat with the Bernabeu.

It is noteworthy that Montserrat Bernabeu is a woman with a very strong character, because when Shakira was still with Pique, the Colombian was the victim of some abuse by her former mother-in-law. This situation seems to be repeating again Clara Chia Martiall because of a recent conflict that would be caused by Video In which the young woman was the hero of the moment which has generated much controversy.

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