Claudia Bahamon published a photo of the implant removed

Claudia Bahamon shared on her Instagram how she felt after making the decision to have the implants removed. / Photo: @claudiabahamon

“Because they have asked me, we are going slowly. And not necessarily in chronological order… it’s almost the beginning of the end.” With this text, Claudia Bahamon After having her breast implants removed in June 2022, she decided to share what her experience was like.

And it is that the businesswoman wanted to explain what she had won through Instagram after an unexpected opinion sparked a major controversy carolina cruz in the program of snail channel “day to day”, In which he said that women are now taking back their silicones for fashion; And even those who have their implants removed remain the same as men.

Along with a reel of photos (screenshots), the woman from Huila described what she and her brother felt, with whom she shared her thoughts when considering breast augmentation. In addition to the images, he added an extensive text in which he confessed and recounted the entire process.

“Today I want to highlight the feelings that arose inside me after seeing the pictures of the implants inside my body. I cried non-stop for hours. I decided not to be with him and instead, I took him for biopsy and necessary Decided to send for the procedures,” said the woman from Huila earlier.

Claudia Bahamon posted a picture on her Instagram of breast implants that were removed. / photo @claudiabahamon

Later in the text, she explained that when she saw the removed prostheses, she questioned the fact that she had not accepted herself for what she was. presenter of “MasterChef Celebrity” Did rcn channelHe has a slim build in both his lower and upper body.

,[…] I questioned myself endlessly about a decision I made at some point in my life. “I can’t believe you attacked my body like that,” I repeated to myself in a low voice. I was wondering, why is it that as humans, we are happy and grateful for what nature gives us? And vice versa, we find ourselves in a relentless search for what we are not? Why should we seek to change the duty of nature?

And already ending the writing, Bahamon confirms that he had a period in which he felt a deep sadness. However, he explained that he could not have made a better decision for his life, as the silicones were causing serious health complications for him.

“After seeing the prostheses removed from my body, yes, I was deeply saddened and it was like a conflict that asked me to work on my forgiveness. Today I do not judge myself, on the contrary I appreciate my brave and wise decision.”

Claudia Bahamon decided to open my heart on my podcast “B CLA” And talk a little about one of the situations that usually happens to people: “stitchOr heartbreak as it is known. And about it, he told his followers what is the worst of them, revealing that there is more than one.

Thus, the presenter talked about the types of tusa and said that for her one is more painful than the other. Courtesy: @ClaudiaBahamon

“Here I’m going to say something that I don’t know if it’s going to play against me or not. But it’s that Tusa not only happens when they do it to one. And I compare it to the planet even more I do,” he said. Claudia Bahamon,

Thus, the presenter “talked about the types of”stitchAnd that, to him, is one more painful than the other.

“When you know you’re screwing it up and then you find out you lose a love for screwing it up. That’s even more painful,” commented the presenter.

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