Complains that they do not respond to properties purchased from SAE

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Famous popular music singer Yeison Jimenez is living in hell as he talks with SAE, the Special Assets Society, And assured that they will not answer them for the wealth they have acquired.

The artist stands for a variety of professions; Apart from music, his oldest company started in 2013 and is called Yiluj Investment Promoters, Which is a construction company that started with small houses and now builds hotels and residential complexes.

Ever since his foray into the real estate sector as an entrepreneur began, the artist looked for a reliable institution to buy properties, Because earlier indecent people had cheated him of land and property.

On this occasion, Jimenez told Semana that he had decided to trust SAE as it was a state unit, For this reason it provided protection to him.

However, Singer commented that the entity is ‘tremendous’, sae you have According to his version, the two buildings were sold to Jimenez for more than 1,600 million pesos.

The story happened like this. After coming to know about the many offers being made by the Special Assets Society (SAE) promoting properties, the singer decided to present himself The auction of an apartment located in the Salitre sector, west of Bogotá, and a winery that is relatively close to the same sector of the capital.

Their team of lawyers was in charge of checking that the entire process was done directly with the state unit and they won the auction.

For the warehouse, Jimenez paid approximately 1,208 million pesos and for the apartment more than 486 million pesos. The lawyers verified that the payment arrived directly into SAE bank accounts, Because two installments have to be given in advance.

Singer recalled in The Week that the initial treatment of the unit was very good: “When the business started, he called me every day, very kindly to confirm the consignments.”

After the payments were made, and with a loan of 1,000 million pesos in a bank, SAE had a commitment that after disbursement, and with the promise of sales in their hands, the works would be done in a maximum of three months. “After I made the payment, eight days passed and no one from the unit spoke to me15 days passed, a month and soon there were three people in the same situation,” Jimenez said. At that moment he began to experience what he calls “chicharrón”.

His purchase goes like this: he has never been able to enter the warehouse, while the apartment was delivered in advance without signing the documents, in fact the property still does not belong to him.

Yeason Jimenez, on the other hand, commented that, since his business is actually the buying and selling of real estate, As soon as the artist got the apartment, he sold it making it clear that he had a promise of sale of a state unit.

The problem is that the date is about to expire, that’s why your buyer can invoke the default clause, “Only for the glory of God he didn’t sue me”, Highlighted the artist on the above medium.

Tired and desperate, Jimenez decided to appear at the SAE offices, where he was only allowed through his identity on stage. There a senior manager attended, but even that could not solve the problem for the Colombian artist, as he said. ,He gave me the phone number of someone who was supposed to help me and it was that person’s number Kept me in suspense for so long”, assured the artist.

Meanwhile, Jimenez He even paid utilities for properties he hasn’t even seen And even SAE continues without giving him a concrete answer about when he will be able to say those properties belong to him.

Following the artist’s complaints, SAE told the magazine that one of the properties had already been transferred to a notary and registry, meaning that Soon the texts will end. With regard to other assets they indicated they are about to issue a resolution.

“That’s what they always tell me,” refutes the popular music artist, who reported legal action against the state entity.

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