Cop clings to car roof during jaw-dropping police chase

The 1980s and 1990s are recognized by some film fans as the decades in which some of the best science fiction films of all time were produced. A genre that includes everything from the beloved The Goonies to the unbeatable Blade Runner. However, there is something that most productions from this time have in common: “epic chases”.

In ET the kids flew around on their bikes while the FBI followed them; In Star Wars V, the Millennium Falcon maneuvers through an asteroid field alongside a relentless Imperial fleet; And in Terminator II, John and the T-800 escape on a motorcycle from a terrifying T-1000 through the canals of Los Angeles.

All these chases are fondly remembered by movie watchers and enthusiasts. These harassments are part of popular culture. All these pursuits are science fiction. However, in the last few hours a harassment became a trend that may well be included in this list, as it is epic and well documented. The problem is that the scene is not fictional and ended with an injured officer.


In the past few hours, an amazing police chase taken from one of the classics of the 90s has become a trend on social networks. In the small town of Carroll, Iowa, Agent Patrick McCarthy and his partner pull over a vehicle without stopping to imagine what happens next.

What seemed like a routine procedure ended in a spinal fracture and a five-year sentence for driver Dennis Gaider Jr. The images, which date to 2021, show the moment in which the officer stops Gaidar Jr. at the post checkpoint and demands his papers.

The man with the arrest warrant refused to exit the vehicle, which is why Agent McCarthy decided to draw his staff’s weapon to force the subject to exit the vehicle. However, upon seeing the man’s refusal, the officer chooses to climb on the hood and aims at him, hoping that this action may lead to subject xxx.

However, the images capture the moment the man accelerates the car and the agent has no choice but to cling to the roof so as not to be thrown to the ground at high speed. In the car’s camera, he captures the critical moments that his partner has to go through.

A few hundred meters later, Patrick McCarthy is thrown to the ground by a reckless maneuver by the driver, fracturing his back. However, the driver continued on his way.

On May 11, Dennis Gaider Jr. was sentenced to five years in prison for this assault.

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