Cordoba bullfight with Morante, Juan Ortega and Roca Rey has been postponed until this Sunday due to rain

According to the forecast of meteorologists at 6:30 in the evening, the sky opened its water gate to convert the precious Albero carpet, which Caliph’s Arena in a Swampimpractical for bullfighting. There was no other possibility than suspension – in this case, postponement -, given that it was a danger to those who had to fight and kill a bullfight. because, as I was saying Antonio Jimenez ‘El Lili’The landowner of Morante de la Puebla, «If the bullfight starts it’s got to end itBecause you cannot deny the fan the right to return with only two or three bulls and fail.

Without security, nor any signs to stop, the ring began to flood when the clock struck seven in the evening, the time the bullfight was set to begin. Shortly before, the aforementioned Lilly crossed over to Burladero, accompanied by the agent of a bullfighter from La Puebla del Rio, pedro george marquesand his partner juan jose trujillo, The faces betrayed the complexity of the matter. Minutes later, the arena gathered more capacity than the stands: bullfighters, gangs, lawyers, photographerscompany employees futuristic set And even the occasional umbrella stand. morant noticed jose maria garzón’s cell phonewhich seemed to find weather information, whereas king rock the gang returned to the yard and juan ortegaWith sinking eyes, he inquired from which area he could fight. He was not found.

Program Canal Sur Bullfighting CarouselWith a live microphone from the street, became the hope of all the fans, whoever 19.25 h He has not received official communication by the company Lance de Futuro, which confirmed how many minutes ago dropped on the radio: Bullfight adjourned till 12 o’clock This Sunday’s Lances de Futuro offered both possibilities to fans via a public address system. claim full refund about their tickets like going to the arena the next day, without the need to modify the ticket,

The official act of suspension, signed by bullfighters, businessmen and officials, states that “taking into account what has been said by the fencers, who believe that the prevailing weather conditions and conditions of the ring They do not allow the normal development of the showsince they put threat to physical integrity Both of them and their respective gang members decide to postpone the festival. Noting in the official document that “a ticket office opening hours will have to be enabled ” for the return of fans and information.

The good fortune of being on the shortlist this Sunday will allow Khalifa Arena to be in one of the festivities that has generated the most anticipation in recent years. more than three fourth of the capacity sold, pulling media king rockadded to great The incident of Morante de la Puebla in Maestranza Even then Juan Ortega’s relationship with this land He had turned it into a favorite bullfight for the fans, who – weather permitting – would also be able to enjoy a poster at seven in the evening. Finito de Cordoba, Alejandro Talavante and Pablo Aguado, From this Saturday the bulls will be raffled earlier in the morning sunday hernandez and those of the afternoon shall be of alvaro nunezFormerly a rancher from Núñez del Cuvilo.

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