Creed III draws in $5.45M previews – Deadline

Update, Friday p.m.: Amazon, as it re-embraces theater with its acquisition of MGM, will easily see the company’s biggest box office opening ever creed iiiwho is on his way to a franchise record start $45.5 one in a million $20M Friday (including $5.45 million in preview). creed iiis opening day alone is bigger than any previous box office weekend for any Amazon title.

For the most part, previous Amazon theatrical releases (not Amazon Prime or truncated window titles of earlier, current day and date) saw platform rollouts, sometimes through distribution partners such as STX, Lionsgate or Roadside Attractions.

The previous widely notable weekend for an Amazon title was a fourth-wide break. the big sick With $7.56M (in 2,597 theaters). Lionsgate picked up that film in 2017.

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Michael B. The RT audience score for the threequel directed by and -starring Jordan, which also stars Jonathan Majors and Tessa Thompson, is still 96% fresh. creed iii three day yoga of animals creed ($29.6M) and creed II ($35.5M), both had five-day launches on Thanksgiving weekend openings.

Disney/Marvel Studios’ Third Weekend Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania 3,825 Theaters Sees Estimated 3rd Friday $3.5M & 3-Day Total $13.3 millionwho will receive it $187.6 million.

Universal’s second weekend cocaine bear second friday watching at 3,571 $3.2 million (-63% since last Friday), and a three-day total $10.8 million, -54%, for the running total $41 million by EOD Sunday.

the fourth one is from Crunchyroll Demon Slayer in Swordsmith Village in 1,780 theaters. It’s Seeing $4.2M Today Without Any Previews Included $10.75 million On Friday-Saturday.

The 5th is Lionsgate’s second weekend jesus revolution Seeing Second Friday, in 2,575 theaters $2 million (-71%) and a total of three days $6.55 million (-59%) to last through Sunday $28.44 million,

(LR) Jason Statham, Josh Hartnett and Aubrey Plaza in ‘Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre’


Lionsgate distribution deal for Miramax’s Guy Ritchie film Operation Fortune: Rousse de Guerre at 2,168 (which was dated two weeks ago) is looking at $1M, including previews, for a $2.5M-$3M weekend. The picture has a 17-day window, and the distributor hopes to set the table for theatrical home entertainment. Critics haven’t been complimentary at 53% Rotten, but audiences are 100% for the action picture toplined by Jason Statham, Hugh Grant, Cary Elwes, Josh Hartnett and Aubrey Plaza.

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Friday morning: Michael B. directed by jordan creed iii Drew $5.45 million From Wednesday and Thursday night previews. The threequel is expected to make $38M-$40M in 4,007 theaters, repeating its three-day opening record rocky By-product franchise.

I’m listening to 74% of that preview number creed iii The previews came from Showtime on Thursday starting at 7 p.m. IMAX and PLF were from Showtime itself.

This easily beats the $3.6M preview creed II and from $1.4M creed, Both were previews of the Tuesday before Thanksgiving run of those picks. being used for other compass creed iii are from last year No ($6.4M in previews, $44.3M opening) and unresolved ($3.7M previews, $44M opening).

The film is hot with an audience share of 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. Reviews are over 87% certified fresh creed II83% but less than 95% certified fresh of first installment.

The MGM title represents a major return to the big screen for streamer Amazon, following a largely theatrical day-and-date business strategy with its Prime Video service with a wide release.

Aubrey Plaza and Josh Hartnett in ‘Operation Fortune’ (Everett Collection)

Lionsgate/Miramax’s Guy Ritchie action film also opening this weekend Operation Fortune: Rousse de Guerre Across 2,168 theatres, it is expected to perform in the single digits (Read Reviews). made thursday $220K, previous richie previewed for his action pics man’s wrath ($500K, $8.3M opening in 2021) and pre-pandemic 2020 gentlemen ($725K, $10.6M opening). Crunchyroll also has a cinema feel Demon Slayer in Swordsmith Village of 1,722 theaters that have no IMAX and PLF because they are related creed iii this weekend.

of universal cocaine bear It won an estimated $1.48M (-5% from Wednesday) in 3,534 theaters on Thursday and $30.2M in its first week (read reviews). Disney/Marvel Studios Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania Seen $1.4M (-8%) in 4,345 theaters yesterday, moving to a second week of $39.1M and a total of $174.2M (read review). Lionsgate’s jesus revolution It grossed an estimated $1.3M (+2%) and $21.8M in 2,475 theaters in its first week (read reviews). 20th/Disney/Lightstorm Avatar: The Way of Water $361K yesterday at 2,495, +2%, moving to an 11th week of $6.3M and a total of $667M (read review). Universal/DreamWorks Animation’s Oscar Nominee Puss in Boots, dying wish Thursday booked an estimated $235K, +2%, across 2,840 locations, and were running for a 10th week of $5.1M and a total of $174.4M. As we already told you, that the domestic total is higher than that of the Light/Universal sing 2 Last Holiday Season ($162.7M) and Originals Puss in Boots ($149.2M in 2011).

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