Crime Avoidance James Bond books rewritten for modern audience – report – Deadline

James Bond is censored, not stirred.

The Sunday Telegraph reports a report suggests Ian Fleming’s ribald James Bond books have been rewritten to accommodate 21st-century sensibilities, removing several racial references ahead of the 70th anniversary this spring Is. The books are expected to be republished in April.

Fleming’s Thriller – Se casino Royale To octopus — will be re-released this spring after Ian Fleming Publications, the company that owns the literary rights to Fleming’s work, reviewed by “sensitivity readers.”

The Fleming Bond series is the latest in an increasingly censored publishing industry. Roald Dahl series, including “Dear Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” were recently revealed to suffer a similar fate.

The altered Bond novels will include a disclaimer: “This book was written at a time when words and attitudes considered offensive by modern readers were common. As close as possible to the original text and the period in which it is set Keeping in mind, several updates have been made in this version.

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