Cristina Hurtado celebrates with her mother in Cartagena

Cristina HurtadoOne of the most loved personalities in the world of entertainment, she along with her husband jose narvaez and their three children, Daniel Narvaez oldest, juan jose narvaezsecond son and Matthew The youngest, who constantly causes a furore on social networks, is 16 months old, they are one of the most solid families in show business.

The beautiful presenter from Antioquia shares with her more than six million followers the content of the most representative moments, but most of all among her followers are the adventures and pranks of her little son Mateo, one of the most daring, charming moments in the family Thanks to what his life goes on.

Undoubtedly, the presenter’s beauty attracts her followers who often flatter all aspects of her as a woman, just in these days when Mother’s Day is celebrated, she shared a series of photos in tribute to mothers, among them, are seen in different guises, the first with a sparkly red skirt, high-top black boots and a leather jacket; The following image with a more casual outfit with an outfit of shades of the same color range.

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Christina celebrates her mother’s birthday

Cristina told with emotion through her stories on her Instagram account from the airport that the celebration with her mother continued and a few hours later she revealed that the destination chosen was Cartagena to spend a few days in the company of her mother and Mateo .

From Heroica, Christina shared a few images of how her day went by, in the first image she is seen with her mother from a yacht, in other images Eugenia Alvarez, Christina’s mother, on the beach during sunset with his youngest grandson, Mateo. The following postcard shows Cristina, enjoying with Mateo in the sand and of course the image of Mateo looking like a real model cannot be missing.

Cristina’s special moment with Mateo

But without a doubt the one moment that brings Christina the most joy is bedtime, which without her knowing, her mom recorded it and she told her followers that it’s an important part of what they do every day. Let’s do it with Mateo before.

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