Cristina Pardo has fits of laughter at Iñaki López’s improvisation – Lasexta

  1. Live scrooge obsessed with Cristina Pardo on Iñaki López’s improvisationSixth
  2. Dani Mateo hallucinates in relation to Iñaki López and Cristina Pardo: “Have I heard of tasting and tastingbrand
  3. The joke about the idea of ​​Iñaki López that Cristina Pardo does not likethe mail
  4. “Have I heard Cater and Pubis?”: Dani Mateo ‘collapses’ in his relationship with Iñaki López and CrSixth
  5. Iñaki López, on the verge of tears after trying the spicy, makes the situation worse by rubbing his eyes: “Throw me outSixth
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