Crunchyroll sparks user outrage for delaying ‘Attack on Titan’ release

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It’s been a long and winding road to attack on Titan Fans, who have had to watch their favorite anime, should be encouraged time and time again by their animation studio, MAPPA. Just when they thought the beginning of the end was finally here, however, things took a major left turn.

part three of attack on Titanairs in Japan this morning at 9:30 CT. As always, international fans were counting on good old Crunchyroll to get their fellow Japanese viewers a special hour-long episode soon, but five hours later the wait continued. On Twitter, the excitement of part three’s premiere slowly subsided, replaced by fury from Crunchyroll users, who expressed their impatience with the anime platform.

To make matters worse, Crunchyroll has kept mum on the subject. This is apparently sparking the flames of outrage from users, who think they should have been given an explanation of the situation, or – at the very least – told when the episode would arrive on the platform.

I have too much stress attack on Titan fandom, and it makes sense, considering how long fans have been waiting for this moment. Part two of the current season of the anime ends airing in April 2022, meaning fans have been holding their breath for almost a year to see what happens next in the story. Part three will deal with the events following Eren Rumbling’s debut, depicting the epic battle between members of the fan-favorite Survey Corps and 600,000 giant Titans intent on flattening the world.

All that said, it’s notable that, as far as we can tell, Crunchyroll has never confirmed what time this episode will be released on its platform. The announced broadcast schedule for this installment was for its Japanese release, leaving some room to consider that this may all have been a simple misunderstanding.

Good thing that while they waited, fans finally got a release window for the second part Attack on Titan: Final Season Part Three. Let’s hope they can make it through the first half.

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