Crying picture and unexpected reaction after Piqué’s ‘Pula’

Novel of There seems to be no end to Gerard PK and Shakira. Although more than eight months have passed since the announcement of their separation, the former Barcelona player and the singer from Barranquilla continue to be the protagonists of different news for everything that surrounds the passionate bond they have formed for twelve years Has happened.

In the last hours, Piqué’s first interview echoed in which he mentioned the various songs released by Shakira in recent days and he put her as the main target.

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In a surprising way, Piqué launched a ‘pulla’: “People have a responsibility, especially those of us who are parents, to try to protect our children (…) everyone makes their own appropriate decisions”, This, coinciding with his words A strong image of Shakira crying in the United States,

And now, after that blow, Shakira returned to Barcelona and made an unexpected decision, the opposite of the tone she has followed so far.

Shakira reacts after Pique’s interview

picture of shakira crying This was given after his interview on The Jimmy Fallon Show in the US.

“I came from a very difficult year after my breakup and writing songs was very important to me and it was a healthy way to express my feelings,” he said during a chat on the show in question.

Less than 48 hours later, Piqué spoke to ‘Rac1’. And for their separation the ‘Bounce’ rose again.

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According to ‘Chance’, Shakira returned to Barcelona in the last few hours from Europapress. And his first decision was to remove the witch which he had put on the balcony of his housePointing to the house of his former in-laws.

“Colombians have taken a step back and the witch – who has become a symbol of her confrontation with Piqué’s parents – has decided to dispose of the doll”.Reviews spoke of an unexpected decision, since Shakira had recently updated the figure.

Piqué breaks his silence

Piqué talked about his situation after the break with Shakira, with whom he signed an agreement last December for the artist to be in charge of the minors in Miami (United States).

When asked about the song “BZRP Music Session #53” by his former partner and Argentine producer Bizrap, in which he has been attacked, Piqué replied: “People have a responsibility, especially those of us who are mothers.” – Fathers, try to protect your children. . And he said: “Everyone makes the decision they think is fair. And I don’t feel like talking about it. All I want is for my children to be well.,

The former footballer also defended his son Milan’s decision to participate in the King’s League programme, the seven-a-side football championship he promotes and which has twelve teams led by well-known former players such as Spanish Iker Casillas or Argentine Sergio Kun Aguero.

“My son asked me to participate in the program and I did. I was very proud of the way he participated. I do shapes in a way and I try to do it in the best possible way . . In class you don’t get the lesson of how you can be a good or a bad father”, Piquet reflected.

However, the former FC Barcelona player explained that he is personally “fine” with his decision to retire from professional football last November, having enjoyed great success with both his club and the Spanish national team.

In short, after playing his last game, Piqué said in his farewell speech that “when you’re old, wanting is to quit.” The phrase was not made up, as he explained, although he acknowledged that he said it at a time when “many things” were happening in his life.

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