CSI Miami: David Caruso’s incredible transformation in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s film

David Caruso is the actor who played the lovable Horatio Kane for 10 seasons, the head of the investigation unit of CSI Miami, one of the most successful series derived from Jerry Bruckheimer’s original CSI series.

david caruso he is the main character of the series CSI Miami, one of the most successful of the franchise, created by Jerry Bruckheimer, and which aired for 10 seasons. In police drama, famous American actor plays lover Horatio Kane,

CSI Miami It was one of the first franchises of the original CSI brand and aired on CBS. for 10 seasons, CSI Miami was on the air and was the first spin-off series from the brand to be officially cancelled.

Fictionally set in the city of Miami, it was filmed on the west coast of the United States in the city of Los Angeles. The famous scenes that locate the series in Miami were recorded by a team of cameramen, drones and other gadgets, traveling in time to take support shots in multicultural Miami and locate fans. david caruso in tropical locations.

CSI Miami It had everything for all tastes from intense police scenes, harassment, interesting cases to solve, but what undoubtedly attracted the most loyal fans was the characterisation. david caruso of character horatio caneJoe, in addition to being a detective, was chief of the scientific police day shift in the city of Miami, one of the American cities with the highest crime rates in the United States.

horatio cane He’s a totally serious guy and with a personality that captivates fans, something that according to co-star Joe david caruso, Adam Rodriguez (Eric Delko) It’s not in the scripts, it’s a creation david caruso, which gave him a unique personality. “He (david caruso) has created the character, he is amazing at what he does, we were at the airport and people wanted him to play horatio caneIt’s impressive,” said Adan Rodriguez in an interview with the series’ parent company, CBS.

David Caruso to star in Arnold Schwarzenegger comedy Twins

David Caruso in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s film Twins.

In 1988, Arnold Schwarzenegger starred with danny devito The comedy “The Twins” or “Jamelos”, a film that deals with the story of two supposed twin brothers created in a laboratory. While a group of scientists try to create physically and intellectually perfect humans, the experiment fails and two children are born, Julius (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Vincent (Danny DeVito), Julius is perfect, athletic, studious and brilliant, but Vincent on the other hand is the exact opposite.

david caruso When he was 32, and after appearing in other important films such as Reto al Destino or Rambo in 1982, he appears in a scene of Twins, playing the role of El Greco.

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