Daisy Jones and the Six Star Talks Camilla and [Spoiler]Surprising relationship: ‘I wasn’t into it in the beginning’

Warning: The following contains spoilers daisy jones and the six Episode 6. Proceed at your own risk!

The Daisy/Billie/Camilla love triangle is on daisy jones and the six Things get a lot more complicated in the sixth episode of the Prime Video drama (streaming now).

Faced with a burgeoning relationship between her husband Billy and his songwriting partner Daisy, Camilla is flustered and storms off to a nightclub. But she wasn’t single for long, as she bumped into Eddie, who dumped his date to hang out with Camilla. (“I chose you over everyone else,” he told her.) While we didn’t see what actually happened between the two, the way Camilla returned home and went on a walk with Billy suggested that she And Eddie—who has been in love with Camilla since childhood—shared more than just a conversation.

“There were just too many mysteries. I think I just need one of my own,” older Camilla told the documentary crew.

The contained affair marked a deviation from the novel by Taylor Jenkins Reed on which the series is based, and it was a change that was initially difficult for Camilla’s portrayer, Camilla Morrone, to get on board with.

“I wasn’t into it in the beginning. I didn’t think it was the right character choice,” Morrone admitted to TVLine. “I loved the way it was written in the book.”

But “through conversations and table reads and exploring this character with the writers, but also herself,” the actress eventually “saw the other side of that coin, which is, ‘Okay, hold on. She’s guilty or bad. person,'” says Morrone. “I wouldn’t even call it a mistake, her relationship with Eddie, because I think that’s what Camilla really needed at the time, and it was a decision that was clearly made. And it was made level-minded and consciously, because that was what it needed.

“For so long, it was about what everyone else in the band needed, and what Billie needed, and how to support Billie,” Morrone continues, “and there was just a moment in her motherhood and her adulthood. Where she said, ‘What do I need on my own to feel good?’ And I ended in full support of the decision, but it also surprised me.

Camilla and Eddie’s courtship was also met with some resistance from the show’s creative team.

“It was an idea that came up in the writers’ room, and it was one of those that everyone went, ‘No, no, no, no. We’re not doing it,'” shares co-showrunner Scott Neustadter. . But the story was not without some precedent in the oral history of the source material.” The more we talked, we remembered that there are hints in the book about Eddie and his feelings, and there’s a moment where Camilla meets an old friend. Goes to lunch together, and Billy kind of says, ‘I know lunch doesn’t take that long.’ Camilla isn’t telling that story, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening. And we started thinking that maybe it wouldn’t be so off-base after all.

Furthermore, the affair deepens Eddie’s resentment towards Billy, giving him even more reason to be jealous of his bandmate. Besides being a selfish frontman, Billy doesn’t even appreciate Camilla’s love as far as Eddie is concerned. Meanwhile, the bassist’s feelings go unanswered.

“She’s invested in Billy, and in fact, she uses [Eddie] To get back at Billy for cheating on him all the time,” says Eddie’s portrayer, Josh Whitehouse. “It’s a very sad situation for Eddie. I can see why he is so tired.

Some daisy jones Book readers may still feel that Camilla and Eddie’s relationship is overrated, but executive producer Lauren Neustadter Note that the change was “made in very close collaboration with Taylor, who was really a part of all of this stuff, and was in constant conversation with all of us about the direction we were going. And we certainly have his blessing.” Mila, which was very lucky for us.

daisy jones and the six What did you think of the Camilla/Eddie twist, fans? Hit the comments!

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