Dante sings an ode to immigrants and remembers his family, leading the gurus

After a performance in which his emotion is notoriously low, Marbel asks Dante if he is having a critical moment as she watches him walk off stage. you see you’re about to burst into tears And he is emotionally affected.

Faced with this interrogation, the participant confessed He lives away from his family for 14 years And this musical theme, with a history of more than 50 years, is a kind of anthem for immigrants.
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“Always praise, respect and gratitude, above all because you sing to me with a smile I’m so glad to see you on stage,That’s the message that Marbel wants to leave on this disco diva singer.

Gussie, on the other hand, enthuses him that it is the kind of song that allows Dante My name is not shown as Nino Bravo only, but also because of his forceful personality, which is why he manages to connect with them and with the whole of Colombia. In return, he tells her that thanks to her voice, this musical theme is valid through generations.

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