‘Daredevil: Born Again’ has the power to set up these 10 future Marvel shows and movies

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Finally, Daredevil: Born Again is now officially filming, finally fulfilling the wish that every MCU fan had after Netflix canceled the beloved series four and a half years ago in Fall 2018. Spider-Man: No Way Home And She-Hulk: Attorney at LawCharlie Cox is back as Matt Murdock, alongside old foe Vincent D’Onofrio (who himself has already Hawkeye,

Given that these characters have pre-established ties to the wider franchise, then, it’s entirely possible that Marvel Studios will use Rebirth To pave the way for the various MCU movies and TV series that are set to follow in its wake. In fact, fans will be disappointed if it doesn’t, as the revival needs to make the most of the fact that it’s now fully tied to this shared universe, unlike in the days of Netflix.

But which MCU projects could Daredevil: Born Again This could possibly be set up after it begins streaming on Disney Plus in early 2024? We have some ideas…

spider man 4

tom holland spider-man
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It’s a pie-in-the-sky prospect that’s probably highly unlikely to happen, but hey, we can dream. seeing that cox came no way homePerhaps Rebirth The new relationship between DD and Spidey could continue and feature Tom Holland in the finale’s post-credits scene, revealing he needs Matt Murdock’s help to fight, uh, say Grizzly. You never know, it could happen!

hero for hire

hero for hire
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The Defenders Saga fans have been eagerly waiting for hero for hire spinoffs back in the day, but of course that never happened. Marvel Studios has the power to set up such shows on Disney Plus, however, in Rebirth, Seeing as Luke Colter Feels Like Letting Go of Luke Cage and Being Happy iron Fist While no doubt a reboot will happen (even if Finn Jones wants another chance), the series may find room for new incarnations of Luke and Danny Rand.

wonder man

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta in 'Aquaman'
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This will be one of the easiest ones to tee up, should Rebirth The team decides to make this crossover happen. wonder man ready to star aquamanYahya Abdul-Mateen II as Simon Williams, the actor turned superhero. All Daring What would need to be done to establish the character in the MCU, then, would be the posters of Williams’ movies dotted around him or him being televised somewhere in the background. Work done.

white Tiger

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A white Tiger The series isn’t something we know is on the cards right now, but we weren’t aware echo was coming by the time we met him Hawkeye, Rumors Pointing to a Latina Superheroine Rebirthwith some stories to suggest WednesdayJenna Ortega has also secretly landed the gig, so it makes a lot of sense for the character to debut DD before appearing on his show.

by lightning

by lightning
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It could go either way. Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s Contessa Val has already marked herself as the multiverse saga’s Nick Fury, thanks to appearances in falcon and winter soldier, black motherAnd Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverSo he has the potential to turn up in any contemporary Earthbound MCU project before he appears on the big or small screen. by lightning,

Captain America: New World Order

Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson/Captain America
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similar to wonder man, Rebirth has the potential to plant seeds for Captain America: New World Order In a subtle, world-building way. While President Ritson of Dermot Mulroney will be in office secret attack, cap 4 Thaddeus Ross of Harrison Ford is believed to have seen the POTUS position. maybe some newspaper headlines here and there DD Could set up a political shake-up happening off-screen?

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law season 2

she-hulk daredevil
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seeing how cute the pair were she hulkEveryone is hoping we’ll see more of “Sheredevil” (is that the name of their ship? If not, it should be) Rebirth, Unfortunately, at this stage we don’t know if Tatiana Maslany’s Jane Walters will turn up. Either way, the relationship between Matt and Jen will have to be addressed in some form, which may provide some clues as to where Shulki goes next in a potential season two of her own series.

the Punisher Revival

Jon Bernthal The Punisher
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Jon Bernthal made his MCU debut as Frank Castle Daring season two so it would be fair if he is brought back into the fold Rebirth, We haven’t got any confirmation of his return yet, although some social media activity has given us hope. Fingers crossed Bernthal announces he’ll take down some mobsters next to the studio Punisher The revival is coming to Disney Plus. It’s not something we ever thought could happen this long ago, but here we are.

jessica jones season 4

jessica jones
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The good news is that of all the Defenders, Krysten Ritter is the most likely to join Rebirthconsidering that jessica jones The actress appears to have confirmed her return as the bitter private eye on Instagram. It’s wonderful to have him back, but hopefully he’ll have a role in this DD Ritter has its equivalent no way home And getting a new lease of life for the Mouse House ahead of its own Netflix show.

son of midnight

midnight sons marvel comics
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Marvel is expected to announce son of midnight team-up at some point, and one of the most popular suggestions for who should be on the Daredevil roster. Hornhead doesn’t really have any history with the team in the comics, but if the group was expanded from just supernatural heroes to include the more mature, hard-edged vigilantes of the MCU (like the Marvel Knights), his inclusion Will Work. If it is like this then Rebirth This could be the perfect place to set the stage for these heroes to gather.

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