David Bisbal returns to top form with three scintillating voices

5th Blind Audition Gala’the voice kids‘ Has been very special. david bisbal is back in the program after getting help from his friend Paul Lopez, The coaches have found 10 voices on their team and have added three more tonight.

Bisbal has taken over the voice of savageAnother one of the favorites of the night, Pratibha has taken a full season and has revolutionized the coaches with her performance.

Coach is also made from the sound of Paula Roman By applying pressure to the last second and giving pleasure to the girl. The third voice belongs to Cristina Cebrian, for whom Bisbal had to fight with two of his teammates until he brought her into his team.

After adding these new voices, David Bisbal’s team now has 13 talents and hence, he only has two left to shut down your computer.

Here are the actors who are part of the team david bisbal and Pablo Lopez: Adri, Ruben Franco, Adrian Campos, Lucia Baizan, Nicole Gonzalez, Daniel Montes, Amanda Sanchez, Isona Marmol, Ismael Perez-Gil, Emma Garcia, Barbare Makhtadze, Paula Roman and Cristina Cebrian,

Will David Bisbal be the first man to shut down his team? There is no doubt that he has great talents that he will enjoy to the fullest.

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