Days of Our Lives review for the week of 5-15-23: As Talia’s storyline comes to a head, let’s see how it’s handled

Colin’s story intrigued viewers for a number of reasons.

For many DAYS fans, Colin’s villainy was a step too far. Viewers didn’t find it believable that he would order his girlfriend to seduce Chanel and then break her heart, and it was hard to buy that there was real chemistry between Colin and Talia.

On Days of Our Lives during the week of 5-15-23, viewers talked about Colin dying or leaving town as storylines came to a head. This story sounds satirical, yet it covers serious issues like emotional abuse, manipulation, and why Talia can’t just walk away.

Paulina and Abe in danger - Days of Our Lives

Talia’s behavior was classic abuse/manipulative behavior. But she agreed to do things that were so ridiculous that the audience was left scratching their heads as to how a doctor could be so ignorant.

The fact is that being intelligent or book-smart doesn’t automatically set you against being in an abusive relationship. Talia has issues, and for reasons that are not fully revealed, she felt as if Colin had abandoned her and nothing would happen.

It makes sense to me as someone who was in a similar unhealthy relationship once, even though the things Colin asked Talia were downright bonkers. She quit her job in New York and moved across the country to convince Chanel to hire her as a baker because Colin wanted her.

It sounds superficially absurd, but the thing about abuse is that the abuser alternates harsh criticism and threats to leave the victim with extreme displays of affection.

Such abusers are also highly skilled at making people feel sorry for them as a means of control, which is why Talia explained that Colin had nothing else to live for but this scheme.

Even after backing out of the plan and heartbroken that Chanel kicked her out, Talia’s response was that Colin doesn’t hate her. How strong is this man’s hold on her.

Days of Our Lives couldn’t explain it all in the beginning. The writers had to let us guess what was going on with Talia’s behavior. Otherwise, this would have ceased to be an entertaining television series and would, instead, have become a lecture suitable for a psychology class.

A daring rescue attempt - Days of Our Lives

But now that it’s all out in the open, it’s time to clear things up. Right now, many viewers are doubting the realism of this story since Talia has done such extreme things in the name of “love,” so Days of Our Lives has some work to do.

The first order of business is of course to resolve the situation on the roof. Until Paulina and Chanel are safe, there is no room to decide what should be done with Talia.

People rarely spend jail time on a soap for heinous crimes unless they leave the canvas. In the coming weeks, the police must decide what to do with Talia, and Paulina and Chanel as well.

Much depends on how the situation of the roof is resolved. Since Talia finds Paulina’s scarf, she may be the one to save the women she was about to attack. If she does or tries to do it, she may think she deserves redemption.

Stephanie Comfort Alex - Days of Our Lives

Whatever happens on that roof, I hope it doesn’t involve Talia’s death. Living with an abusive man may result in death, but I wish for Talia to survive and face justice – and a chance to get real help.

If he’s seriously injured, it could muddy the waters according to Paulina and Chanel’s reactions. I want some redemption to be earned for Talia, not just because they feel sorry for the man she thought she loved almost killed her.

Paulina took most of the brunt of the scheme. His office was vandalized, and he received several death threats. She begins to panic because of Colin and Talia’s behavior. and he witnesses Colin knock Abe unconscious and drive him away at gunpoint instead of getting Abe treated.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if she decides not to press charges against Talia. Paulina suffered severe abuse at the hands of TR, so she may have come to see Talia as a fellow victim.

Dimitri reveals his real hostage - Days of Our Lives

The scenes leading up to the climax, where Paulina and Abe meet Colin at the bakery, were the weakest in this story.

He should have seen Colin’s posing as a health inspector long before he did. As mayor, Abe would have seen the health department firsthand; He should know that a health inspector wants to meet with the channel to inspect his business premises, not his parents.

And even if he didn’t realize it, why didn’t alarm bells go off in his mind that Colin only wanted to talk about the rumors that Chanel killed Sloane’s parents?

Abe and Paulina are both intelligent, shrewd characters. Surely there was a way to put them in danger that didn’t involve fooling them into plotting.

The net tightens around Colin - Days of Our Lives

This was also a repetition of what happened with TR. The bad guy knocks Abe out again and threatens Paulina, but this time no Lani is coming to stop him.

It also seemed silly for Colin to grab a rolling pin to attack Abe when he had a gun. Why didn’t he draw his weapon first?

Once he kidnapped Paulina, he did a great job. She tried to empathize with Colin, talk to him, and try to get him to light up about what had happened between Chanel and her father, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, he did not realize that the net tightened around him. Jada and Rafe discover the truth while Talia confesses to Chanel, putting all the pieces in place for an exciting climax to this story.

Sloane learns Nicole's secret - Days of Our Lives

Chanel should have called Rafe upon learning what Talia had done. He would have been in a better position to protect Paulina and find and arrest Talia.

Calling Paulina instead introduces an unnecessary complication, but I can guarantee that neither Paulina nor Chanel will fall off the roof, no matter what Colin thinks he’s doing. Is.

The fun in these stories isn’t in finding out who survives; It’s in learning how heroes get out of it! Will Rafe, Jada, or Talia be here to save the day, and at what cost?

Meanwhile, Nicole’s behavior continued to bother me. Nicole has always been one of my favorite characters, and this story follows her down.

Paulina and Abbey Face Colin - Days of Our Lives

If she’s not loudly announcing secrets in public or semi-public places (seriously, didn’t she and Anna learn anything? Why were they talking with the door open in the living room?), she might be lying. being someone she can’t expect to be away from for long.

As Anna pointed out, Nicole will eventually start showing, and then what? Nicole wants to keep her pregnancy a secret until she’s certain who the father is, but how will she overcome the lies of menopause?

Every time she says what the problem is, I wish the writers had gone in the direction of a perimenopause story instead of Nicole being the lying daddy.

Nicole has already said some important things about how going through menopause shouldn’t be an excuse for men to treat women less than they do. Imagine if the story was actually about her dealing with menopause!

Chanel learns the truth about Talia - Days of Our Lives

It will be an original, compelling story that many viewers can connect with.

Instead, Nicole’s comments about menopause fall flat because we know she’s not mad about it at all, and she’s just using it as cover.

Plus, her mood is very stereotypical of pregnant women on television. It was funny when the actually menopausal Edith Bunker had her on All in the Family, but by now, we should be prepared for more women being portrayed than this.

Besides, there’s no way in hell that Nicole could pull any of this off. She can get away with not drinking when Stéphane offers her Champagne – it’s not too long ago that he was the one who was drinking, after all! — but EJ will eventually notice that she has lost interest in martinis.

Interrogating Colin Sloan - Days of Our Lives

Sloan already found out that Nicole was pregnant and probably won’t keep that secret for long. I wouldn’t be surprised if she blurts it out to upset Jada as she doesn’t like being arrested and questioned about Colin!

Anna has been a good friend so far, but her wild antics soon make Erik suspicious.

And then — there’s the issue of Nicole’s performance. She can only pretend that she has been gaining weight for other reasons for so long!

If Nicole rejects EJ’s marriage proposal, that would be fair. He made it clear that he wanted to marry her now to prevent Stefan and Gabi from taking over DiMera together.

It’s hardly a romantic proposition, and Nicole is all about love. She doesn’t want to be used that way, and there’s probably truth to her drugged-up claim that being EJ’s partner-in-crime was boring her.

Stephen's proposal! - days of Our Lives

Stephen’s proposal was beautiful and romantic, and the addition of “Come Death” in his toast cracked me up. But since Camila Banes is leaving Days of Our Lives, it’s hard to invest in this relationship.

Hopefully, Stephen’s comment didn’t explain how Gabi will be written. We’ve had more death and mayhem than we need, thank you.

When I came back alive, I asked both of you to settle your differences. I thought you might be grateful, enjoy that we’re all in this together. But did you do it? No. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from all of this, it’s that life is too short and too precious for me to waste time on bickering between adults who behave like children.


Marlena breaks up a fight between Eric and Belle, telling them to be grateful that they were both alive. She was right — these two are acting like kids, and it’s not fun.

It was silly that he had to mention “coming back alive,” but that’s Salem for you.

Meanwhile, the Greek adventure is more or less over.

Kayla's shocking news - Days of Our Lives

The good news here is that Kate is safe, although it was strange that one minute a goon is threatening Steve with a gun, and the next moment, Steve is back in Roman’s hotel room, sporting a sling and Kate safely into Roman’s arms.

Many viewers felt that they had missed something. Did a scene end up on the cutting room floor? Rather than the fiftieth flashback of Colin asking Talia to seduce Chanel we could have gotten this!

This story also suffers because Bo and Hope are off-screen. We keep hearing from earlier how Bo isn’t doing well, and Hope is moving him to a long-term facility.

These scenes would have been more powerful on-screen. Peter Reckel and Kristian Alfonso were only available short-term, but the writers should have planned for that and ended their run with Hope and Bo heading off to a rehab facility; The way it was done it seems like they just disappeared in the middle of their story.

Kate's kidnapper revealed! - days of Our Lives

In the end, Megan reveals that Dimitri is her son, while Dimitri tells Harris that she is holding Andrew in order to force Shane to give himself and Megan immunity for their many crimes.

This plan is unlikely to work.

The ISA doesn’t bow down easily to terrorists, and Shane will probably launch a full-scale manhunt for Andrew before he does anything like that. John is already on the case, as Paul is concerned, and has alerted him to Andrew’s disappearance.

Still, the news that Dimitri is Megan is an interesting development that solidifies Dimitri and Megan as the next generation of Dimera villains.

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