Days of Our Lives round table: Who is the meanest person in Salem?


Did you laugh when Kate made fun of Marlena when she decided to eat muesli in the afterlife? Someone at our round table did.

As the afterlife story ends, our TV fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Silvanoir MyHourglass, A Day in the Lives fan forumEJ and Nicole team up to debate their favorite moments in Heaven, Gabi agrees to stay with Lee and more!

Plus, read on to find out who we picked as the meanest person in Salem…

Marlena, Kate and Kayla are back in their bodies on Earth. Will there be any permanent side effects of being pseudo-dead?

Silvanoir: No, but I’d love it if we could all commit collective amnesia about it. This story is drawn, but I don’t think women will be harmed by it.

Prisoner of Megan - Days of Our Lives

Jack: I’m wondering if they’re really going to forget their afterlife experience. Just as Nick said they definitely won’t remember, I think otherwise.

I’m sure whatever sedatives or revitalizing drugs he’s been given will have an effect. This always seems to happen.

Christine: I would expect those to be some sort of effect, be it memory issues or something that would change because of all this. It would seem pointless not to have some ripple effect in the afterlife of their time.

Marlena recognizes Megan - Days of Our Lives

If this is the end of the Afterlife story, what was your favorite part?

Silvanoir: I hated almost every second of it. But I enjoyed being a jerk to Nick. That was fun. Other than that, I’m thrilled it’s over.

Jack: Although the story was silly, there were some memorable moments. Paulina and Anna’s reactions to Roman’s claim that he heard Kate through the urn was hilarious. I especially liked Paulina’s comment that she didn’t think life in Salem could get weird.

On a serious note, I loved that there was semi-redemption for Nick. I don’t think he can ever be fully redeemed, but he admitted to Jake and the women that he has a better nature that he often doesn’t let people see.

Are they really dead? - days of Our Lives

However, I have to disagree with Jake. If Julie were to get to the afterlife and see Nick in action, she wouldn’t think that everyone was right about her. I can see Afterlife-Julie resenting Nick for refusing to try to behave himself.

Christine: I enjoyed the overall use of the history with Kayla, who we thought Adrienne was, and even Jordan and Kate had some meaningful moments, and I generally hate Jordan!

But my favorite was that last part about Nick and Julie. I enjoyed Dead Nick more than I enjoyed the live version, but it often bothered me how Julie sided with Nick, even after all the horrible things he’s done.

Hearing that Julie’s prayers meant something to Nick and helped change Nick’s decisions was a nice touch that I didn’t expect.

Gabby is Hopeful - Days of Our Lives

Gabi agrees to marry Lee and live with him for six months in exchange for his DiMera shares. feedback!

Silvanoir: I’m really happy about it. I mean Lee is kind of pathetic, but I really do believe he really does love Gabi. And I think Gabe sees that too.

They have great chemistry, and I would love to see their romance rekindle. I don’t believe he’s going to give her all his shares, but I like that Gabby is open to giving Lee a chance in light of Stephen’s behavior.

Gabby Seduces Lee - Days of Our Lives

Jack: Uh At first, Gabi is unable not to fall hard for the person she’s trying to trap in these kinds of schemes. That’s how she and Stephen fell in love in the first place!

I also felt that Gabby should be smarter and more stubborn than this. Lee’s already signed over his shares, so what’s to stop him from double-crossing now? He doesn’t actually have to agree to the divorce. That’s what lawyers and divorce courts are for!

Christine: I hate this story! Lee is pathetic and lazy. He believes that Gabe gets this chance mostly because he wants it. She has fallen for this scheme so easily that I feel less for her. Now, I just want to fast-forward so that I don’t have to see either of them.

EJ & Nicole Kiss - Days of Our Lives

EJ and Nicole become lovers again and work together to get revenge on Stefan. Do you hope their relationship lasts?

Silvanoir: I’ve always loved Ezol, and I was intrigued about this iteration. But I am fascinated by them. They’re honest and really helpful, but I also love that they’re still planners. I hope the writers keep them together for a while before putting Eric back there.

Jack: I still don’t like the idea of ​​Nicole living with a man who abused her so badly that she hid her pregnancy from him. However, at this point, these two are the happiest couple in Salem! I like the idea of ​​teaming up to get revenge on Stefan.

Many romantic couples in this show break up due to cheating or insecurities. I miss the days when the super couple of DAES used to fight a villain together.

Nicole visits EJ - Days of Our Lives

The only ones who really care about John and Marlena (and maybe Steve and Kayla), so EJ and Nicole have that going for them, and I might be persuaded to like this couple if they stick to the plan. Stick it out and Nicole doesn’t let newly single Eric distract her.

Christine: I love these two together. They’ve gotten to the point where they can be friends and lovers, and it seems like they respect each other.

As Nicole said, Eric was always hoping Nicole would be a better person. With EJ, she can be herself, and he really likes her for who she is. This is the making of a long-term couple.

I know I’ll be disappointed, but I’m begging the writers to put Eric and Nicole in the rearview mirror. They do nothing but make each other miserable, and I’m so tired of it. While EJ and Nicole are having really fun!

A Curious Discovery - Days of Our Lives

Is Johnny and Wendy’s relationship a chance now that Chanel is no longer involved with Allie?

Silvanoir: No. Wendy is very attracted to Tripp, and Johnny has strong feelings for Chanel. The problem here is going to be Johnny. I can see her channeling her feelings for Chanel in a way that I don’t think either Wendy or Tripp would do.

Jack: Only if the channel gets a new one immediately. I worry that Wendy will risk her heart on Johnny leaving him for Chanel, which would be a waste.

Christine: Johnny and Wendy are cute together, and they seem to like each other, but I didn’t feel any great love or romance there.

Johnny loves Chanel. He hasn’t changed, and if Chanel is willing to give things another shot with Johnny, she’s going to jump on it, and Wendy will end up being collateral damage.

Brady and Eric come up with a plan - Days of Our Lives

Who is the meanest person in Salem right now?

Silvanoir: Brady. His lack of respect for Chloe’s feelings is surprising. It takes two, and Chloe makes it clear that she’s going to separate herself from Stefan because of the situation she’s in and the fact that she can’t trust her feelings.

She wanted to take a break for the process that Brady didn’t trust her with, and instead of respecting that decision, Brady decides to brainwash Stefan again and claims she is doing it for him. .

This is insane, and Chloe won’t be happy when she finds out. Add to that Eric who, for some crazy reason, is cheerleading it all, which makes him a complete hypocrite. How is this behavior different from what Kristen did?

Jack: I can’t stand Sloan. He has no morals or ethics and has made it his life’s mission to torment survivors of sexual assault. This is unforgivable in my book.

Eric and Brady work with Rolf - Days of Our Lives

Lee and his constant schemes to get at Gabi aren’t far behind, and I’m not happy with Brady either. Brady is doing what Lee did, yet we should be rooting for him and Chloe? Please!

Christine: Brady and Eric are engaged! How is Brady different from Lee and Kristen right now? Also, he has no respect for Chloe. What difference does it make if Stefan loves Chloe? It’s up to Chloe who she wants to be with.

Brady is willing to torture a man and risk brain damage in order to “win” Chloe, and Eric has no problem going along with it.

I wouldn’t expect much from Brady, but Eric is a complete hypocrite here. She steals, lies, and cheats to get Dr. Rolfe out of prison! Of course, what Sloan did was wrong, but I have no doubt that if Rolf was anyone he cared about, Eric would have gone with him. Currently, I feel even more inferior than Eric Brady.

A Test of His Own Medicine - Days of Our Lives

What surprised or disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Silvanoir: I’m amazed at how quickly they let EJ figure out what happened. I’m also surprised that she shared that she would be Nicole. I love this new frame on their relationship and how it shows that EJ trusts her.

I was also surprised by Nicole’s admission that she wanted to take things slow. It shows a maturity that she has been lacking in recent years, especially after her divorce from Eric.

Jack: I really wish Gabi would have been as stubborn as ever instead of giving in to Lee so easily.

Does Rafe like Jada? - days of Our Lives

Plus, Rafe’s hypocrisy is terrible, too. He doesn’t care that Gabi kidnapped Stefan, but wants Eric arrested for lying about being Sloane’s paralegal, probably because he wants revenge on Eric for “stealing” Nicole. Is.

and Brady. Stop being the creepy stalker and leave Chloe alone. This whole kidnapping scheme is terrible, and Brady drooling over Chloe’s picture was the worst part of it.

Christine: That Eric was fine with Dr. Rolf using kitchen tools to mess with Stefan’s brain because that’s what Brady wanted. I could not understand how far Father Eric had fallen.

and Gabby agrees to be with Lee. Where was his anger at being tricked into this? Why didn’t he tear those papers and get out? It was all really disappointing.

Another Message from Kate - Days of Our Lives

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Silvanoir: I loved the scene between Mr. Shin and Wendy. It showed that he loves his kids, even though he is terrible at showing it. It adds a much needed dynamic to the family and makes me appreciate their addition.

The problem is that he is incredibly critical and doesn’t support them. He should never have killed Lee, even though Gabe’s point was dumb.

Jack: There were many great scenes this week. I loved, loved, loved Stephen putting Brady in his place, especially this:

Brady: You may think I’m the villain now, but in the end you’ll think I’m the hero.
Stefan: Hero? You? You are a selfish son of a bitch who will stop at nothing to get me out of Chloe’s life.

I also thought Tony and Anna were hilarious. I always enjoy them.

Nick Feels the Pressure - Days of Our Lives

Christine: I loved how Kate made fun of Kayla and Marlena in later life.

Jack and Nick’s conversation in the afterlife went better than I expected.

And I loved everything about EJ and Nicole this week. They make a great, fun team.

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