DCEM Chapter 24 of February 25, 2023

In a new chapter of DCEM we were able to enjoy more emotions and lots of laughs from the Violet and Fuchsia teams with each test done in the program.

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After the departure of Michel, a new reinforcement arrives in the Purple team, it is the talented and good vibes Paola Moreno, who came with her charisma to cheer up her teammates and everyone in the game in general.

The game starts and everyone tries to jump as high as they can in the broken clock, on the other hand, the great Andres Toro tells Maleja that he doesn’t want Valentina Guardian to come close to him because she is causing problems with him. . His wife, of course everything in jest.

Maleja Restrepo can’t hide her laughter after hearing how a public lady enjoys laughing, so Frank goes to interview her and they have a great time.

In the Turning Eye walk, Toro wins several points, while Adrian, despite his experience, fails to cross the stage well.

Later, in accidents, they all launch themselves viciously against their opponents and even Julien doesn’t know how he managed to pass that test, though for his daughter’s fifteen Some are worth it.

Already the teams are even on the walls, although many fail to pass and comically end up in the water. In the end, the Fuchsia team has to say goodbye to one of the members and the one who loses is the beautiful Linda Baldrich.

To watch again: DCEM | Chapter 23 | a sweet goodbye

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