Despite threats, the new Medio Metro Venga reappears to show off its best moves at La Alegria Weekend

To Jonathan UrielIs known new half meternever mind that week José Eduardo Rodríguez, known on the social network as the original Medio MetroTold the name and character as his own and launched in the program of TV Azteca, Come the Joy on the WeekendTo show character inherited steps and they became viral on tiktok And continue to participate in various games and increase your fame.

thank you for Jonathan Uriel, the new half meterHe has charisma and has stayed away from the controversy that his predecessor generated on social networks, he does not lack work and large-scale and private events have saturated him. Different lalo half meterwhose taint has been released pirate sonic traitor and against the hatred that has given rise to his former friend Julian, “The Pirate”,

The new Medio Metro launches “El Paso del Chavito”. Photo: Instagram @vengalaalegria

Video: Paulina “La Pompis” and the steps of the pirate sound with which she took off for Medio Metro

The new Medio Metro defies fate and shows its new moves

Many dynamics added to the new Medio Metro come joeywhere the dance floor saw her best moves and she even had to be a dance judge and choose who among the hosts of the show danced the best and had the most talent on the floor. Alex Sirvant and Rafael Cerdan the sounds were part of the music so New Medio Metro will implement the phases,

Jonathan Uriel became famous. Photo: Instagram @vengalaalegria

after a storm comes a calm. how did it come Jonathan Uriel, 28 and a career in educational psychology, to famous pirate sound, This young man 1 meter and 22 cm tall took up the challenge of becoming famous “half meter”After the first dancer entered into a dispute with the leader and producer of the sound group for alleged unfair payments for performances at mass and private events.

Photo: Instagram @vengalaalegria

Dozens of comments are worthy on social networks Jonathan Uriel, the new “Medio Metro”As a simple, cheerful person with values. This joy is seen in every vacant lot or parking lot where the pirate sound is presented and begins to issue steps already sanctified such as social networks “Little Jacket’s Step”, “Penguin’s Step”, Chavito’s Step”, and with his creation, as “Alfredo Adam’s Step”where he throws himself to the ground and begins a series of bicycle kicks or “El Paso del Pedito”.

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