Dhanna Paola’s sister-in-law had a fabulous wedding, but the singer and Alex Hoyer weren’t the center of attention

  • Last Friday, May 19, Denly Hoyer and Abdil were engaged in a lavish civil wedding in Monterrey, but neither her brother Alex nor her sister-in-law Danna Paola drew attention among the guests.

Denly, one of the following Alex Hoyer’s Sisters She met Abdil in 2016 on the second season of the reality show band from Univision. Where both aspired to join the group which was formed at the end of the program and only she managed to be a part of this group which is called mix 5However, from there their relationship started.

Seven years later, the couple tied the knot intimate yet luxurious wedding in monterey where popular chair hill It was a perfect setting to accompany him in this great moment.

This was Danielle’s wedding dress for her civil wedding in Monterrey / Instagram: @danellyhoyerofficial

Danelly and Abdiel tie the knot in Monterey after 6 years of dating / Instagram: @danellyhoyerofficial

Of course, who could not miss the wedding of the singer Alex Hoyer and his girlfriend Dhanna PaolaJoe was happy for the link and wished him all the best.

“So this is love… I love you Daniel and Abdeel, your love is magical,” Dhanna Paola wrote alongside photos from the celebration.

On the other hand, Daniel’s brother left him a message expressing his love and happiness for this great step, “I love you with all my heart. Congratulations to both of you”.

Message to Daniel and Abdil to Dana Paola and Alex Hoyer for their wedding / Instagram: @dannapaola @alexhoyer_

however, They weren’t the ones who caught the attention of the wedding attendeesbut they have a guest ex-participant of survivor australia with his wife, a friend of Daniel’s who was fascinated by father of the Bridewhat we remember is Nestor Daniels, voice of the group Los Terricolas,

He father of the Bride It was he who sang some of his most famous songs and acted in an emotional moment Next to him when sing together.

The bride’s father sang with her at her wedding / Instagram: @losterricolasofficial

Also, Alex and Denly’s father was the center of attention of the party as their friends called him their “Mexican Dad” And they danced merrily with him.

Through his social networks, the singer congratulated the couple on their wedding and wrote, “Congratulations to my girl (and) my son-in-law, Abdil.”

Finally, Sam, a former participant survivor australiaHe wrote about how much fun he was having at the party, “Are you kidding me? mexican royalty right thereTerricolas!

Danielle’s dad was a sensation at the party / Instagram: @nadia_mejia

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