Dharmendra’s Ladli Sarovar wandering for 18 years, broke the tradition of the house, broke the relationship by insulting the director

Mumbai, March 15- bollywood actor Abhay Deol Everyone thought Dharmendra had three children because he always called Dharmendra ‘Dad’ and Ajit Deol ‘Uncle’. But it is not so that Abhay is the son of Dharmendra’s brother Ajit Deol. There is a very interesting story behind this, which Abhay himself once told about actress Simi Grewal’s show.

Abhay had said in the show that he calls his mother Usha Aunty. There was no specific reason for this, but her grandmother had decided all this. Dharmendra was the eldest son in his family. He has played the role of a father by standing with the family in every happiness and sorrow of the family. That’s why he is the father of all. This is what their grandmother used to say to her grandchildren. That’s why Abhay calls Dharmendra as dad instead of uncle.

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Abhay had also said in Simi Grewal’s show that he had broken a family tradition. Speaking on the occasion, Abhay said, My elder brother and other family members got married with the consent of the family and started their life. But he was living in live-in with his girlfriend Preeti Desai for a long time. They never hid their relationship.

Abhay-Preeti stayed in the live-in for almost 4 years. But they broke up in 2014. The biggest reason for their breakup is said to be marriage. Preeti wanted to get married. But Abhay did not believe in marriage. The actor felt that the word marriage was not appropriate for him. He didn’t want to get into any relationship. So it is said that they broke up.

In an interview given to ‘Hindustan Times’, Abhay talked about his film career, during which he said that many people in Bollywood say that he is a misfit personality in the industry. Apart from this, he made another shocking disclosure. Once a director insulted him by hitting him below the ear in front of everyone and spread false rumors about him. Now the actor has completed 18 years in the industry. But even today he has not got the desired career.

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