Diamond Eyeliner: The Best Makeup For Slanted Lashes

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He accomplish For drooping eyelids At times this may entail exclusive use of thin lines and light colors to enhance the look, but if what you are looking for is something more dramatic then you have to try diamond outline,

is one of the advantages of diamond outline is that even though it is much faster than the recommended ones drooping eyelids They don’t make the look more closed off or gloomy, but it’s very flattering.

so if you have drooping eyelid and you want to try a new style accomplish Which makes your look even more different, you have to give it a chance diamond outline,

What is Diamond Eyeliner?

There are many types of beauty in the world accomplishin the matter of diamond outline It is a design that creates a diamond or triangle shaped fin with a pronounced drop in the crease Eyelid Or eye socket for the lash line.

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Step by step to make diamond eyeliner

main line

Like any type of eyeliner to start with diamond outline We are going to draw a thin line with the eyes open following the lower lash line towards the end of the eyebrow with the desired length.


Now, instead of returning the stroke to the tab, you must direct it directly to the point where the stroke is marked. drooping eyelid Always keep your eyes open and then, now yes, sweep it diagonally down to the lash line and thin it out to the tear duct.


now that you have the base diamond outline The list has been filled with great care so as not to be out of shape and accomplish Ready.

Credits: Pinterest.

Why Diamond Eyeliner Is Best For Laggy Lashes?

He diamond outline one of the best styles accomplish Dramatic because thanks to its triangular shape it is very well marked without curves which make the appearance more noticeable. drooping eyelid Giving a lifting effect to the look, concealing the excess skin area above the eyes.

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