Do you watch less TV in Colombia?

Until a few years ago, reality shows dominated the ratings on Colombian screens by their will, so much so that “Protagonistas de Novela” (2010) ranked third after “A corazón aberto” among the most watched programs in the country’s history. Is. , (2010) and “The Passion of the Falcon” (2003).

That year, the program, which was looking for new acting talent, recorded an average audience rating of 17.6. On the other hand, today, “La Isla de los Famosos” (RCN) and “La Descarga” (Caracol) do not reach 8 rating points, according to the measurements provided daily by Ibop Kanta Media.

The same happens with soap operas, even today neither “Leandro Díaz” (RCN) nor “Los Bricinos” (Caracol) reach 7 points, while last year “Arelis Henao” reached 14 points. had reached its peak.

There are several explanations for this loss of ratings for television operating in private and public channels, ranging from the rise of platforms, the content crisis, and changes in audience measurement.

streaming explosion is concerned

How Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, HBO Max, Star+ or Paramount+, among others, have attracted viewers of RCN, Caracol, Channel 1 and regional television, Mauricio Velasquez, assistant professor of the construction sector of the School of Humanities Eafit and Teleantioquia A member of the Viewer’s Defense Committee says that the platforms are offering a lot of content and of very good quality, adding to the list of “classics” on their menus.

are fans of star wars, miracle or harry potter that they prefer to repeat all the sagas rather than see new content on traditional television”, says Velasquez.

In addition to the offer, Jorge Puche, an analyst and researcher on TV audiences, believes that platforms have made a huge impact on television viewership results, but above all consumer habits, which have little time for leisure, they impose. are not ready for. content at a given time and day.

Content Crisis: Not Much to Offer

Mauricio Velasquez says that there is a deep crisis of writers, who remembers the stories written in the 80s and 90s by Julio Jiménez, David Sánchez Julião or Pepe Sánchez, who explored humor and drama in a very good way. He credits the fact that today academies, universities are training more audio-visual producers.

This exhaustion appears in reality shows, with the exception of master chef celebrity, They seem to have screwed up the formula, says the eFit professor: “It’s hard to find an audience that appeals to us; we’ve been seeing the same thing for two decades.”

“In Caracol they stopped inventing new motifs, they kept reworking the successful ones,” says Jorge Puche, who appreciates “La Isla de los Famosos” (“The Survivor”), which was the first of the successful reality shows in the country. revived RCN in prime time.

For Juancho Parada, the formula ended and reality shows went from scandal to tedium. “Participants already move from one channel to another and actors or actresses no longer find it attractive when the network controls everything. If they are not about music or coexistence, it is brewing, And anyway they have to look for controversy to scratch the comments which is a gold mine, voice to voice”.

as dramatic stakes are this year reconstruction “Señora Isabel” (“Ana de Nadi”, by RCN), and “Las Ventinos”, a musical production, in the best style of “La Reina del Flo” (whose third season is also expected), which will premiere Caracol. Both start the second week.

change of

the hearing

In addition to the fact that people are no longer willing to have schedules imposed on them, new generations (children from the age of three) look for different content on the Internet, especially on YouTube, so much so that older children Television channels such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network o Discovery Kids have migrated to the web. “Streaming is winning in all areas”, explains teacher Mauricio Velasquez.

Parada comments that channels face a change in habits that include multi-screens, the use of social networks and the autonomy to decide when and where to access content. Jorge Puche points out that last year the ratings measurement was adjusted to include the consumption of OTT platforms without increasing the measured universe or the operational sample of the ratings study.

In other words, the ‘people meter’ started measuring the moments of OTT consumption (platform) in households. was on its main event compartir (% people), as the same amount of TV switching has been redistributed since January 2022, including a new actor in the measure”, says Puche.

Despite this scenario, Caracol, RCN, Channel 1, both regional and local continue to bet on open television based on the fact that internet access only reaches 60% of the Colombian population and the cost of the platform (15,000 and 30,000 pesos) deters many people from subscribing

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