Does Anuel AA answer Karol G in his new song?

singer anuel aa she must have replied to her former partner, the artist Carroll G.for his supposed dedication to her after their separation.

Anuel AA Karol ji’s alleged taunt would have been devoted to giving him a reply

Let’s remember that, although the Colombian has confessed that most of the songs on her album “KG0516” and “Mana serra bonito” are from her personal experiences and what was her separation with the Puerto Rican, there are two songs that have helped her as a singer. has attracted the attention of millions of his fans for the alleged shooting in “waxy” Together Becky G And “TQG” Together Shakira.

Since the latter was launched a few days ago, the artist may have decided to respond, or as many followers of the trap singer have interpreted.

Anuel AA decides to release his song title “richer than yesterday” Mambo Kingz, with DJ Luian, where he apologizes to his ex-partner and confesses that he is waiting for the relationship to end so they can get back together.

Significantly, Paisa recently confirmed that she is in a romance, although she did not name the man who stole her heart, it is speculated to be the singer. feed.

Anuel AA would have dedicated Sanket Karol ji in his new song

However, it was the part of the song that caught the attention of her fans that was related to her breakup and what happened, as she also mentioned Shakira and the former soccer player from Barranquilla. Gerard Pique.

“I failed you and what you did is change, so I don’t judge you, you can’t hurt me, if you forgive me, forgive what you did, even half of what you do No ho” and I was’, I was ignorant and I didn’t know how to handle it, sometimes ‘what we give’ is not what we get’, I don’t even have your contact anymore, But if you wanna’ still kid and text me’, throw me a DM, not to fight, you’re not Shakira and I’m not picky”, he says.

Immediately, thousands of internet users have reacted to this, pointing out that Anuel AA is aware of what Karol is going through and highlighting that their response is very clear, they are no longer with the singer. Yellin ‘Most Viral Real’who is few days away from giving birth to her daughter Cattle.

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