Does Daisy Anahi Respond To Eduin Kaz After Calling Him His “Ex-Wife”?

after rumors that he had been stalking for months Edwin Kaz And daisy anahiabout an alleged Separationleader of solid group confirmed what was so much feared; The couple took a while, however, the singer also calls the mother of his children his “former wife”, a situation which, they suggest in the network, greatly upset Dessie, which is why he allegedly sent this signal.

If it was not Eduin’s alleged infidelity, it was said that after seven years of marriage and 13 years later the couple no longer wanted to live together, however, Daisy and Eduin always took the time to refute these rumours, believing that Reassuring that they were the invention of people who wanted to harm them, but in reality, they were better off than ever.

This version was confirmed when in November 2022, the couple announced that they are expecting their third child, so Eduin Gerardo (7 years old) and Geraldine (2 years old) are waiting to welcome a little sister , of which they still do not reveal whether they already have a tentative name to baptize him, however, they have already shared some ultrasounds in which Eduin assures that their baby’s heart is a “machine”. Throbbing.

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And although everything seemed to be going well between the couple, despite recent infidelity rumors involving Eduín, it was the Mexican regional interpreter who confirmed their separation during their time at the Lo Nuestro Awards, in which she and Grupo Firm Of the nine categories in which he was nominated, he won six awards.

When the interpreter of “Ye Suprem” took the stage and issued a dedication to all those who were present to support the band, he did not miss the opportunity to make a special mention to Daisy Anahi, who has been by his side ever since. are in began his career, but the musician caused great surprise among those present when he indicated that he was no longer by his wife’s side.

“These awards are dedicated to all of our fans, all of our families, it’s been something great, we get so much support from each and every family… I would like to dedicate these awards more than anything to my ex-wife who Really been a great pillar in my life and she deserves these awards, so these awards are for her too, thank you, I will love you forever, precious little one!”, he gestured.

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After said statement, Eduin was attacked on social networks, expressing that although he assured that the dedication emerged as a product of efforts to get back with Daisy Anahi, you will use and Instagram users Condemned the fact that now that the young woman is pregnant, he has separated from her.

Despite the fact that Daisy Anahi hasn’t spoken since Kaz called her his “ex-wife”, yesterday she shared an image with a phrase that her followers say refers to the father of her children. Directed is a sign, which indicates the following:

“We all need that moment of darkness to see what really shines in our lives.”

After the businesswoman shared this message, Eduin liked the publication but reserved a comment, as he used to do before, whenever his wife published some content on his profile.

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